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Unintended side effects of the Title Update?

Alright.Been a while since I played. Got the TU, played. I've noticed some side effects.


1: SMGs are even more dominant. I don't consider myself bad at this game. Hell, I'm actually good at it. But since the TU, I've been force to use a PDW/Assault Shield combo, just to keep myself afloat in matches. Just so you know, I absolutely abhor the PDW and MSMC for the sheer imbalance they bring to the game. The sheer fact that I'm usign them is a testament to how dominant SMGs are, that I'm required to use one of the most powerful ones, just to make sure I don't go 1-32.


2:Every map except HIjacked seems to have been removed from Map Rotation. TDM, three matches on Hijacked. FFA, 2 matches on Hijacked. KC, on hijacked.I likethe map, it'a nice and all, but I'd almostrather have Turbine than play it again


3: Extremely long load times on menus and server connections. Not too bad, but that might just be because I've got the game installed, but it's stilled noticabely longer than it previously was.



4: The spawns have broken even more. In the FFA game on hijacked, I spawned in front of one enemy to die, respawned in front of another, to die, then respawned, took two steps and was shot by an enemy who'd just spawned in the same place as me. I understand that there is only a certain amount of space on a map, but there should be more than enough spawn points for people to spawn away from combat.


5: Yeah, theres no five, I just didn't like  only having 4.

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    I didnt notice any more SMGs than usual.  I worked getting some of them gold myself this weekend, but I saw plenty of snipers and assaults.


    I did notice that the menus seem to lag out, but I dont mind that so much.


    There was a lot of hijacked, but I like it lol.

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    Only two things I really noticed was lobby freezing and the Emblem Editor seems to be broken or at least inaccessible.


    I would try to find games and it would just say 0 games.  If I tried to back out and Find a Match again it would sitting on a loading screen for at least a minute or more before I would be able to select Find a Match again.


    I let the Emblem Editor sit for at least 5 minutes and finally gave up as it would never load.

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    didnt notice any more smgs than normal.

    The emblem editor diddnt work at first, but then started to work later on in the night.

    The lighting strike computer doesnt work all the time. you can bring the computer out, but it wont always show the map to pick your tagets. just brings up the computer.

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    Sorry but you're not good at the game if you "have to use a PDW/Assault Shield combo to avoid going 1-32"  The Assault Shield is a piece of crap.  I've been using the Type 25 and SCAR, trying to get them gold and not having any more in-game issues than I was before the update.  In fact I'm doing quite well with those guns, coming up against enemies using SMGs and winning gunfights.  I understand why people say the SMGs are dominant because the maps are small, but the ARs, if used correctly, can be just as good or in some situations better.  I just had a 4 vsat game yesterday on Standoff with the SCAR.  So you definitely don't have to use the PDW to do well if you actually are good at the game, sorry.

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    `Theater is super broken now

    `Screen freezes when going back into lobby menu after game on various occasions (never did before update)

    `More lag

    `Takes WAYYYYY longer to find a match and get in a lobby now

    `2-3 bar players have even more of an advantage on me now.  I don't even come around a corner on my screen and I die.  Look at kill cam.  I'm apparently well around the corner in their view.  I run direct wired internet that I pay top $ for.

    `new create a class slot not available after prestige now

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    I have seen less SMG use...Thats a good thing.


    Assault rifles are great now! I love me some M27!


    As for issues, yes. I have been getting freezing and having to restart my xbox every hour or so.


    Even more host migration then before and getting kicked during migration more.


    Every game has been having frame rate issues


    Kill streaks like the Lightning strike is not working properly.

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    I noticed with the Stealth Chopper...the first time in a game when I call it in the computer thing works fine. The 2nd time in a match I try to call in the Stealth Chopper the computer gizmo won't show me the map so that I can specify where I want it to go.