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    its improveing for reasons i dont know but slowley the game is starting to become playable for me also

  • 11. Re: Where are all the positive players?

    There are a few things that affect this...


    In past cod games I have always had a KD that was 2+.  I never use to dashboard or do anything to inflate my stats.


    In this game my KD is sitting at about 1.6 to 1.7 which I feel for me is poor.  I struggle most games to get kills, not because I feel I have suddenly lost my skillz, but because of the delay I get being behind everyone.


    I have also been doing some of  the weapon challenges and using some of the crap weapons means for a short time my KD will drop.


    I use to have players on my friends list that had KD's in the 3+ but now I do not have a single friend above 2.  They all seem to have the same problem as me for the most part.


    I think the people who do have high kd's are the ones who are either in constant Godmode due to the lag issues or people who dashboard.

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    My Kd isnt great on this game cus it took me a while to get used to it and the killstreaks are harder to get but im still hitting 3s each week and I can tell you for a fact it doesnt have anything to do with dashboarding,Lag comp or camping. Not everyone is like what you think

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    For me, Xbox Live Parties ruined the "nice game guys" atmosphere of things along with the way lobbies in games work these days, without a private match you're unlikely to come across the same people again which means working against a stronger team to better your gameplay isnt easy.


    Also (and apologies for bringing it up, bringing it up, bringing it up. - uugh, silly record) the lag/net code/hit detection problems with this game mean that more often than not it certainly "feels" like I'm not performing as well as I should be, whether or not that is true is something I guess I'll never really know.

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    My MM has changed. I haven't checked today yet but yesterday, it's full of people ranging from 1.0-2+ KDs. I have to be on tryhard mode all the time. My TDM KD is 1.83 and SPM is 263 and with the new matchmaking, I'm on the midle of the pack most of the time. 

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    I don't want to sound like I am taking anything away from you or anything.


    I know there are good players out there.  I do have my good games as well... 


    dashboarding and all that I know is just down to the player, but when you say it's got nothing to do with lagcomp, how do you know that for a fact?  I mean when you have a good game how do you know it was not because the other team are on the receiving end of it ?


    I ask because that is something on my mind constantly.  I have had games were I know I am working hard for every kill, and others were I know this is just too easy and I see people on the other team and think they must be screwing!

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    I hover around 1.5 and I think that's pretty good for someone who just runs around shooting people.


    I don't know how I would get much higher without camping.  I'm sure it dropped some last night because I got zero good lobbies.

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    Surely its not that hard to figure out, If you want to stomp on some crappy players find the worst player you can and make friends and get them to search for games.


    I always play against crap players when I get my crap friends to do this.

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    Its okay.


    Well, what I meant was that in my case and that of the good players I play with on my friends list, we dont dashboard. I'm sure there a many many people who do. I just wanted you to know that its not everybody.


    How I know its not lag comp is because my friends and I have been playing these games for years and we always do the same title after title and game after game, pretty much. I cant remember the last game any of us were negative in a match so if it was lag comp surely we would be on the recieving end of it aswell. I have super fast fiber optic broadband so not as if I get an advantage like like low connection users are suppose to do.


    I honestly think most of the time people are blaming Lag comp is simply because their reactions are not fast enough. Looking at a killcam afterwards doesnt always help the cause cus I dont think it is an exact record of what actually happend. Does anyone know if that is true?

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    Lol......spoken like a true bs artist. Post that gamer tag and let us be the judge.

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