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    I play both core and hc and unless you are being honest with yourself, core is the harder game.


    That being said the fact that there is no hc dlc playlist is a joke, and that they say there is no room for playlists but they persevere with that league play stuff that no one plays is ridiculous.


    League play takes 10 mins to get in a game and apparently it matches people of your skill level (which it doesn't I was in platinum and got matched with 1 other in my rank and the rest were iron/bronze and it was like shooting ducks in a barrel). Also it has barely a thousand people playing it at any given time.

  • 741. Re: Hardcore Modes

    BOps2PI wrote:


    I think that we the HC community needs to stop knocking the Core guys.



    knocking core and vice versa is no different from someone who prefers dom over tdm to slate tdm as it isnt how they like to play the game.

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    Ya I've done my share of core bashing. It's like core kids are the rich daddy boys and us hardcore guys are the poor kids who brawl in dark alleys. Core isn't as consistent as hc plus it has too many noob friendly things like HUD, mini map, skull indicators to show you where your teammates die, health regeneration, ability to shoot through teammates, and 70% more bullet damage. Hardcore is for the gamers who want a more realistic approach to gaming and cod isn't pushing those boundaries enough. I personally think cod's hardcore mode is still too noob friendly. Someday there will be an ultra realistic shooter that will be phenomenal but u don't think cod is gonna be the game making it. Cod enjoys selling candy to kids, which is fine but I'm 36 years old and would rather eat steak.    

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    c'est une honte qu'il n'y ait aucun mode HC pour le DLC Revolution.
    Déja les modes HC sont plus que "vides" en multi, à quoi cela sert il de ne pas contenter un grand nombre de joueur en mettant un Moshpit HC pour le pack revolution.
    En conclusion, ça ne sert a rien d'avoir de nouvelles maps si on ne peut pas jouer dessus.





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    BOps2PI wrote:


    I think that we the HC community needs to stop knocking the Core guys. Sure, we don't like it, and we think that it's easier...I complain daily whenever my clan is playing Core Dom for the challenges about how people duck behind walls and regen health, but that doesn't make it right to come on here and bash on those poor bastards who can shoot through enemies, drop scorestreaks and not worry about being TK'd out, or have their equipment destroyed by some troll.


    Peace, love and prison grease. We'll always take it, but we take it like men! We're not fish...I'm not a fish..I'm a man...


    - Younique

    Its pretty much just the one guy and he is easy to ignore as its always the same with him.

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    I dont care if people play core.  How they can stand to with the way the gunfights are is beyond me, but whatever floats your boat I guess.


    I have noticed that HC has gotten a lot less campy.  It's fun when you have 2 teams of rushers.

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    whiteknight1902 wrote:


    I play both core and hc and unless you are being honest with yourself, core is the harder game.


    Two things... one, you really meant to write "dishonest"...


    ... two...


    ... they play entirely different.


    I played a lot of Core until HC KC was added. But when I used HC styles combined with Core tendencies... voila.


    Both are hard... but one gives you a lot of always on support.

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    neither one is harder then the other really, in HC all you have to do is have volume up, pay attention, and shoot first. In core, yeah you get all that help, but you still have to put 1/2 a magazine into some guys head then hope he doesnt turn around and kill you. Atleast thats my experience with the game.

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    Can any of you hc dudes get us some real communication on whether they're going to give us an objective mode?


    If it's only vahn that can do it then a tweet, phone call or a visit to 3arc studios from someone would be helpful.

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    Hardcore needs more modes, we have at most times, 1/2 the core population which is leaps and bounds higher than pervious titles, quit ignoring us and gives us another 3-4 play lists..Dom, Hardpoint, HQ and a mosh of sorts

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