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Something that should have happened a long time ago. - ACTIVISION developers need to see this.

If you guys want to make players happy and make MORE money than you are right now then you should listen to this guy.
Because one day people will STOP buying the game for the same reasons his guy is ranting and then you wont make any money at all.


Hope you will listen and use this guy's advise.

And i also saw that you only accept suggestions from other developers... that's your biggest mistake.

The players are the ones who are buying and playing the game , we know best. We know what's wrong with the game , what is good and what sucks.

And since we are paying you than you should listen to us. And this is not just some post from an engry player that probably doesn't know how to play , almost all of the CoD players feel this way too but are afraid to say it or just don't care or don't know how.


What you should do next:

-Watch the video

-Make a "Give us your ideas" section.

-Make an open beta

-And listen to what NORMAL players have to say not some 6 year old kid who has probably cheated in every video game ever made.