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155,000 online and I can't find a game post 1.06 patch


I don't live in the US.


I was playing last night a few hours before the patch came out and had no problem finding matches in mercenary moshpit (what I play 99% of the time).


After the patch I couldn't find a single game to play on across any of the three search modes. I know Mercenary has a small playerbase and with the patch out I just figured not many people had it and that was causing me to sit in the lobby unable to find a game to join.


I spent the next 15 minutes cycling between TDM, Domination, Merc Mosh, GW and KC trying to find a game on "normal" search and apart from one 2 bar GW game (which I played till the end despite the connection) turned up nothing.


This evening I cannot find a game in Merc Moshpit or even TDM. Found one TDM game with 5 other players on it.


Seriously what did you guys do to the matchmaking??? Up until now I've never had an issue finding a Mercenary Moshpit game at anytime of the day. Now I haven't been able to find one a single game in nearly 24 hours. And I can't even find a scrub TDM match lobby to join in the meantime...


Not even a clan pubstomping one where everyone quits!


I don't remember 1.04 (even right after the patch was initially deployed) having this issue so I'm guessing this is something to do with the whole continent restrictions? Think you guys might have messed up Asia..