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Under Kill Wildcard

Hello forums!


I love the pistols in CoD Black Ops 2!  I win most of my free for all games with a five-seven and i have more than 50% of my total kills with the five-seven and the pistols are my first set of diamond guns.  However, they do vary, and I would like to use a five-seven and an executioner or a B23R and a stinger or even recreate the sticks and stones class.


So, I believe that there should be a wildcard, opposite to over kill, which allows to equip two secondary weapons!  My idea for this would be that when you use this, the primary slot opens up with the ability to use any secondary weapon in it.  However, the secondary will still only have 1 slot in it unless you use secondary gunfighter and maybe you get an extra slot on the first one or whatever, I don't care about the logistics just someone make this happen please!!!!!!!!!


Comment with your opinions and to make this noticable to the good fellows at Treyarch!