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:/ Is it only me?


Iv gotten very bored of black ops 2 and i know plenty of others on my friend list who would agree with me, This game Has gotten 'Boring' to us prestige masters who have been a PM for a while now, Iv gotten no goals as a PM And can't bother with any more of the guns as i know that if new prestiges get added, I would only prestige slowly if they are all Diamond and my Calling cards are all done.


:/ Im just running around with a knife, Im just running around with a DSR (QS) All the time out of bordom now and i use riots sheild as well


I have to ask who else out there has grown bored, Tired even if your not a PM 'yet'.

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    Idk if you know this (you probably do) but you could reset all your stats.  But one thing I do to sort of mix it up and have fun is to just go on search and destroy where people are forced to talk and mess with them.  Do weird things and even if you do badly bring some friends and you'll have a fun time.  Like have every hide with knives or just rush in with riot shields.  I just do unorthodox things on search and I love doing it and even better are the reactions of other people.  If that fails go play BF3 or something