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Rank & Stats Rest..?

Has anoyone else had there game reset or rolled-back?

I went from Prestige 7, Level 51 back down to Prestige 1, Level 1.


Any help?

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    Same here max prestige, all legit over 380hrs gameplay back to lvl 1, 0 prestige.                                       


         WHATS GOING ON?!?!?!?

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    Damn, same **** happened to me, dude. Thugh, not as bad as it happened to you. Last night, I was grinding to get the gold on the MSMC (which I eventually did) I went from 2nd prestige level 52 to 55. I entered my 3rd prestige, created a new class slot, and used my permanent unlock. Today, I played around in this new prestige and got to level 10 before I had to leave to go somewhere. When I got back home, I noticed my game was having crap tons of lag spikes/freezes at the online menu. After they stopped, I got a message saying something along the lines of 'persistent rank data corrupted' and I got re-rolled back to level 52 prestige 2 without my permanent unlock, gold camo, create-a-class, nor any MSMC camo that game after the Ghostex: Delta 6 one.


    I would hate to be in your position right now. All the way down to prestige 0 level 1? Wow, this needs to be fixed. I have absolutely no incentive to play this game and continuing to rank up if at any moment my achievements can be reset/rolled back like that. Who knows, maybe next time, I do get rolled back to prestige 0. I will not play Blops 2 until I get back to my prestige 3 level 10 with the achievements I had before I got hit by this glitch (the extra CaC, permanent unlock, and gold MSMC).

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    Well it's not like there going to judge you buy your rank.

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    Same here... prestiage master and eveything is back to level 1... nothing ... this is crap... fix this please.