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Ranking match Fail

Hello all,


     Just another gamer that has continued to play CoD for years past the point of its makers caring, enjoyed the world at wars, MW 1 and 2 were decent, Black ops was a slight down grade, MW3 was ok i guess, just a repeat of MW 2. And now i have discovered black ops 2 and i wanna cry. Im sure many people would dissagree but thats there choice, they may love the idea of having a 5% accuracy rating and just running and gunning, and if the makers of the game feel thats the best way then i would simply suggest you stop putting snipers... most lmg and some of the AR's into the game because you wasting your time. But beyond that im going to get to my main reason for realizing how poorly planned and processed this game has become, here is some background.


So... i recently decided i would start playing some ranked match for the fun of it, i figure i would not have to deal with as many idouts going 0 and 19 as in public team death match. Then i made the mistake of thinking that the game was actually created with any prior planning. I have found the ranked matchs utterly disappointing. Here is a list why.


so i started out with doing the placement matches.


  • Round 2 - Lost -  i was like 16-10, not great but a rought start i guess. as a team we lost by like 10 points maybe
  • Round 2- Lost - Gotta love teammates, i went 20-1 delivering UAV's HuK and Dragonfires but you cant win with two teamates going a total of 3-32...yeah half the deaths bravo.
  • Round 3- Win- FInally i thought i had gotten some good teammates... then i realized i was wrong, i went 28-6 delivering UAV, Lighting strikes and orbatil vsat. But still teammates couldnt find the trigger, but we stumbled through.
  • Round 4- WIn- I think this round i went like 18-9, again not the best round for me, but as a team we did well most my team was in the 1.5-2.5 kd range so cant complain.
  • Round 5- WIn- Another round similar to round 3 i went 25-3 with strong scorestrikes helping team, some players ok, others were trash.


That being the placement matches i understood being stuck with some not so desirable players, but i figure i know i was destroying those rounds so i should be in a good rank and play against similar people and have similar teammates... well thats what i get for thinking, stupid me. I got placed in iron rank... but so did several ppl that i knew that went all 5 rounds winning with good k/d so i figure the game must not have a proper ranking system yet and just put everyone in iron. So i started playing. I win most my rounds, lose a few, only to yet again having crap teammates, i figure this is iron where everyone goes so i just have to get out of iron. Four rounds later im in bronze. YayA!!! or so i thought. I play my frirst bronze map, I get stuck with 2 ppl in bronze and 3 in iron... great. My opponents.... One from master, two from platnium, 1 from gold, one from silver, and one bronze.... GREAT just what i needed, i get 5 similar ranked teammates, and they decided its fair to team us against that... I mean really? how is that team supposed to be equal to mine? dont get me wrong, we did our best, but some people arnt ment to go against master league ppl. I went 18-11 and the rest of my team had a k/d under 0.5 Ya totally fair. The next round was just as bad, im the only person not in iron on my team, and we get four gold and 2 platnium against us. Plaza is my favorite round so i go in and proceed to kill like crazy, i ended 31-2, If im not mistaken, most would say thats a really good round right? nope... we lost 75-68 yeah... i had 31 of the 68 kills and we lost. but it gets better. This being one of my second lose in a row,i finally got to learn how we are ranked, its not by if you do well, get good score per minute, note even based of k/d no.... its soley based off win or lose. Great... So that last round where i was a great player with a 15.5kd lost 50 points because my other teammates dont know which end of the gun the bullets come out of. As i play Solo im in the SOLO rankings, How is it fair or even logical to base the rise and fall of a persons rank on how the game matchs you up with 11 other players with the enemy team getting High ranking players and my team getting low ranking? It becomes in possible for anyone to get to a higher rank then, every time i get a few wins under my belt and start thinking im going to leave bronze league, i get 3 or 4 round were the game thinks its fair to match me agaist gold+ players and give me irons all around. I ask you this COD how did you create your ranking system? did you find it on the ground? how about let your 3year old children draw on paper and called that the system?

I now understand why most my friends quit COD and went to battlefield, Atleast there the rounds are bigger than a house, they actually encourage people to snipe and fight at long distance, not run like the wind and pray if you spam your modded prone and rapid fire control that you might hit someone. I mean really? i can trhough a grenade from one side of the map to the other on most rounds, lets see you do that on BF3? Yes they are different games, but the idea of a FPS doesnt change a tone from halo,to Medal of honor, BF or COD, the difference is in someone thinking there is a point in using anything but a Sub-MG in blackops.


In short, COD has failed me yet again proving that they do not learn from there mistakes in the past in instead choose to blunder on into oblivion as people realize that the 360 control has to triggers and the left one is called aim.




I noticed in thought afterwards that i had failed to pose a proper question, comment, or advise. So i feel its important i come back and state something pertaining to this field for discussion.  FIX THE RANKING SYSTEM AND LEAGUE MATCHING!


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