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Black Op's 2 Problem Threads (Sticky Please)

wierd worlds are these

I can see allot of post's regarding issues that various people are having such as game crashes etc.


If you are experiencing problems, could you please within the opening post give the following information as a minimum to enable people to better understand what the issue could possibly be and how to potentially fix it.


What CPU?

How Much Ram?

What Graphics Card?

What Drivers are using?

What happens when it crashes?

What Resolution are you trying to play the game at?


Have you tried to resolve the issue before posting and if so what have you already tried?




It may not seem like allot of information to post with the details of the problem such as my game crashes or I have Artifacts on my screen whilst gaming, but it will enable those of us who have some knowledge of PC's to try and help you better rather than asking each time in every thread for the same information over and over, if you provide it initially then we can hoepfully help you faster.



Way's To Gather Required Information:


Download HWMonitor





HWMonitor will tell you the following information:


Make and Model of CPU/Motherboard/Graphics Card etc


Temperatures Min/Max/Current of various components


Voltages of CPU




Download MSI Afterburner





This when setup properly will show your graphics card information whilst playing games such as:


GPU Core Usage

GPU Mem Usage

GPU Core Speed

GPU Mem Speed


GPU Temp


I will edit this post later with screenshots of setting up this program properly.



Download Unigine Heaven Benchmark





This would be advised to be ran in the Benchmark Mode so that you can fully test your graphics card to see if it is faulty and also to see if there is no issue with your card and maybe just that your cards drivers have a issue with Black Op's 2.



Download 3D Mark





This will test your GPU aswell and may show issues that other software does not show, and may not show issues that other software shows but running as many tests as possible is better.





I will request this thread to be Stickied because it should be read by people before posting asking for help, so that they know what information to provide to enable those of us who can give advice to give some helpfull advice but it will also help PCDev take information over to the rest of the PC Developers because they will be able to see what issues you are having, that is either PC Driver Related or Game related if it is determined that it's not a hardware fault.






Update with more info etc


To find out how much ram etc you have installed in your pc, the easiest way to do this is to open up the system properties which can be done via the following process.


Right Click on the My Computer Icon and click on Properties and it will bring up a screen like this.




For XP users, you really shouldn't be trying to run the game on XP however if you are when you click on the Properties option the information is down at the bottom of the 1st screen that opens.


For Vista users, from what I can remember it opens up very similar to how it does on Windows 7.


For Windows 7/8 users it will look like the screenshot.



If you need to update your Bios the best advice I can offer is to read the user manual for you motherboard on how to do this as it varies between manufacturers and also models.









If you do not feel comfortable doing this then I suggest finding someone who works within IT that will know how to do this for you.





Now to find out what make and model of motherboard you have you will be best to install either HWMonitor or Aida64.








At the bottom of Aida64 it will tell you the Make, Model and Bios Revision you have so that you know to get the correct version if you update the bios on your board manually.


On HWMonitor it does not give you the Bios Revision however it does give you the Make and Model of you motherboard if you expand the column on the left hand side of the program.




Now for setting up MSI Afterburner to get the On Screen Display working for all games, what you need to do is run the program and at the bottom click Settings, then look for the Monitoring Tab and set it as per the screenshot.







Now if you need to update you Drivers for you motherboard you can use the links above for the most common motherboards used in PC's, however if yours is not in the list just do a Google Search for it and you will find that manufacturers site. Please bare in mind I am in the UK so I have gone with UK boards and I am aware there are some other manufacturers for America etc.


If you need to update you drivers for graphics card then you need to go to either






Make sure you download the newest drivers for you graphics card.


Install them and then reboot after they have installed regardless of whether it ask's you to or not.



If you need to try and run the DirectX installer and VCRedist installer then you can download them from here.












Make sure you check for Windows Updates after installing them incase any updates are needed.


Also make sure that your sound drivers are updated, as this can also cause issues for the game if they are not up to date.


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