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The Newest BS patch

Well this lastest patch did it for me ,I spent thousands on crossfire crap and solid state this and all sorts of gaming crap just to end up with this crap. The game was fine before the patch I really enjoyed it and looked foward to the dlc, now people are spawning all over the place, infront of you in back of you and its just pure crap. I guess everytime some little gamer kid gets mad they ignore the masses and who spend thousands on gaming crap to play their game, and listen to some whinny little kid who crys everytime you kill him with  the gun he does  not like in the spot he does like. So after years of activision titles and games I say good bye,they will not get one more dime out of me if this how they  manage the patching system. I think will just go to the range and shoot real guns and leave the fantasy guns to the weekend button smashers and the  tellitubby kids who cry so much and spend my pc money something like another harley davidson so R.I.P. blacks op2 you where alot of fun a for a few months.

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    Did they make any revisions on the spawn system in the newest patch?  Also paying attention to where teamates are relative to yourself will help you in regards to being spawned next to.  Also, if the crossfire setup was for Call of duty, that seems a bit excessive does it not?