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Random fps drops


Hello everyone,  i have been getting really bad fps drops recently and i have no idea why and what is causing them. If i run the game with vysnc i get constant 60fps on max settings and without vysnc i get about 160+, on or off i still get the fps drops. My fps will go from steady 60 down to 15-20 very choppy and than back up to 60 and than back down about 3-4 times and than be good for another 10 min. It happens randomly so no explosions or anything crazy going on in game at all.


Does anyone else have this problem and maybe have a fix ?


my specs:


i5 3570k oc'd to 4.2ghz

8gb of gskillz sniper 1866mhz ram

evga 660 ti Sc

Psu : 700 watts


playing at 1360x768 on my 32 inch lcd tv