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Secret to steady aim.......


so i gotta ask, what is the secret to steady aim? i mean sometimes (no, often times) im killed by guys that are using an SMG with the best aim i have ever seen in the game. An SMG should be all over the place when fully auto and these guys are dead nuts on target every time, even from all the way across the map. Im not horrible at this game but im no pro either, i know i can change my sensitivity (i only play on a 4, used to be a 2 but i was getting destroyed in close encounter games so i had to learn to adjust with higher sensitivity). So someone please enlighten me as to how to keep rock solid aim instead of jumping all over the place when holding down the trigger button while using an assault rifle, or any gun for that matter?

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    Only 4? That's still pretty low.

    You might want to keep trying to adjust to higher sensitivities. At least an 8. (I play on 12 myself)


    Anyways, imo I think having good aim depends on the controller you have.

    I know many people say xbox controllers are made for fps, but that's a load of bull. They only say that because of their "gunlike triggers". That means nothing as their analog sticks are crap.


    They're way too stiff and it's hard to aim precisely with them. The PS3 analog sticks are softer and it's wayyyy easier to make small and precise movements which leads to better aiming.


    There's also the matter of having a tv with a high response time.

    Aiming is loads easier on a tube tv than on an lcd/led. I have not tried a plasma, but I hear they're also fast, so if you have one of those, I think you're good on response time.


    Of course this is all imo. Good luck on improving your aim.

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      Do realize most professional Call of Duty players play on a 4 or 5 sensitivity. Of course, they play against other professionals and play objective based game modes which makes it easier to "predict" where the other team is going to come from.


      Another reason (I think, don't quote me on this) they play on such low sensitivities is that it allows them to take long range shots and miss less in general. When everyone has incredible aim, missing one or two shots can be fatal.


      Aside from that, improving your aim is just a matter of practice.

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        Professional meaning they get paid for what they do, and that title is in no way relevant to their actual skill level correct? There are loads of higher skilled people that aren't "Professionals".


        But yea, you have a point~ I haven't seen much professional gameplay, but they do seem to play veryyyyy defensively, and they might not need high sensitivities while camping at the end of the map, but that's very boring gameplay imo.


        Higher sensitivity was only a suggestion. It is a fast paced arcade shooter after all.

        It makes the game more fun and frantic when you're moving around like a lunatic.


        Again. All in my opinion.

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    Sensitivity set at 4?


    Definitely on the low side. Go higher.

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      If your stuggling with aim, setting the sensitivity higher really isnt going to help your case. Obviously I would suggest slowly increasing over time but if you have issues with keeping it straigh at 4, jumping up to the high end is just going to end in tears.

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    The secret- the right amount of beer


    Well, it's the "twitch" reaction that makes you a little less controlled.  The anticipation and movement holding the sight over a moving target while trying not to get shot...


    Try switching over to an AR and keep a long distance, therre you can pratice on "smaller" targets while removing the impending sense of doom you get while right up in someone's face.


    It will transfer given enough time

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    My sens is a tad over 1. Can't remember exactly as I hardly play any more. I know that 1 is too slow, but 2 was way too fast @ 1920x1080 800dpi.