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Want to play and win?!

If you like playing black ops, and you are good at it then you should participate in this little competition we're doing. All you have to do is join the group "PLAY LIVE UK" and play on our server. The person with the most kills in one week wins £20!

It's just something we're looking at doing as Black Ops is our favourite Call of Duty and we want to keep it alive. If this goes well we will be doing it more regularly!


£20 = $30 = €23 = 945 RUSSIAN RUBLE


The competition will start at 18:00 GMT today (1st Feb) and will finish at 18:00 GMT 8th Feb


Server IP:


Group ID: 4465566


The prize will be paid through PayPal and if you dont have that, you can exchange it for any games within the price range on Steam.


If you have any problems please add PLAYLIVEUK on Steam and we will sort it out for you asap