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Stealth Chopper Issue

After the most recent patch, there is glitch when you try to call in the Stealth Chopper. The map does not appear for you to choose where to place the chopper.  All that shows up is the blurry tablet screen.  The enemy did not have a counter uav up any of the times I went to call the choppers in.  

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    The same thing happens when calling in lightning strikes. I believe Treyarch is already aware of this multiplatform issue and is working on the patch for it.

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    You can place it on the gamepad.


    I had this a few moments ago, I called in  a lightning strike and the targets appeared on the gamepad.



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      That's part of the first patch, not yesterday's.


      As you are aware, a patch was released on 12/21/12.  The patch included the following:


      • Cross platform bug fixes and modifications as reported in “21 Nov 2012 Xbox 360 Game Update”
      • Added Cursor Sensitivity and Camera Speed settings - released a Hot Fix to address issues in the patch
      • Reduced voice chat sensitivity
      • Added Output Device setting to Audio Settings for playing with headphones
      • Host player can now see bullet marks
      • Enabled predictive text for GamePad keyboard
      • Lightning Strike points can now be set by touching the GamePad
      • Performance optimizations
      • Fixed various crashes



      Not sure about the Chopper, though.

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    I wish the Steath Chopper was more stealthy. There's no difference from an attack chopper aside from the sound. Like make it so you can't even see it unless you search and lock on with a rocket. How is it stealth if you can hear it and see it??

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    If this happens with the stealth chopper, I would just hit A to confirm its position and not move it at all because then it places it right in the middle of the map which would be a good spot for it to be anyways and you don't have to guess what direction you have to put it in too.  With lightning strike, there's not much you can do...