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Care package patch, pronto


I know I'm not the only one that rages at this, but I am so sick and f--king tired of my teammates running up and attempting to take my care packages everytime that I worked so hard to earn. It's always the totally unreliable idiots who keep the team down by getting more deaths than actual kills. These lazy asshats ruin the enjoyment of this game for me, and I'm sure for a multitude of other CoD players as well. Please Treyarch, PLEASE implement a patch that stagnates a care package from becoming available to a teammate until at least 4 seconds after it hits the ground.


Many, many times I try to change the item of my care package to something different since I have the Engineer perk equipped. But I am unable to, due to one of my retard teammates attempting to take the first item. Nothing makes me rage harder than a teammate trying to take my item, and an enemy comes and kills all who are attempting to take the package, including me, and ends up stealing the package. If this issue never gets addressed or resolved, you can count me out of get any other future CoD games.

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    Easy fix: nobody but the owner or the enemy team can take a Care Package until the owner dies, then it's free game.


    Hire me.

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    If you don't get there first then its your fault.

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    It has been fixed, I tried it before and it changes your item on the care package and it even resets the team mates bar so that you can safely take it.

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    Um.....Care Packages have always been easy to steal?


    "Worked hard to earn?" You serious? Care Packages are easy to get and are basically an easy way to get high streaks. If you don't like people taking them, earn your streaks like everybody else instead of relying on your easy mode gamble box.

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    I am able to roll my packages when a teammate is trying to take it. I also always get my packages before they can take them because I use a Black Hat after I roll them. And on maps like Hijacked, they make great bait... Let it drop, watch the enemy try to get it, Black Hat and kill.

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    How about this - I'm so tired of care packages even existing! At least make ammo available from them so theres more of a chance of lower killstreaks, but seriously! I'm so tired of noobs equipping care packages and then getting swarms and VTOLs out of them and changing the whole outcome of the game! They deserved a Counter UAV at the most - that's it. They didn't earn their killstreak.

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      I use care package until I unlock CUAV - as I hate the RCXD, and like to keep the xp rolling in with low streaks - Care packs take way to long to drop and leave you out the game for spells. Ive had maybe 1000 care packages, prob a bit less, and I rarely get anything nice - its always war machines and death machines which I leave for my team. I got a vsat twice, and dogs once. I leave dragonfires for my team too as I cant use them with wiimote

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      I'd have to kindly disagree with you. A care package is not that easy to earn if you're playing a good team. And the percentages are pretty low, I don't see many people getting higher end killstreaks. And I don't use them myself, I go UAV-Lightning Strike- Warthog/Lodestar usually and I feel all of those are better than the care package. I've like seen one swarm/dogs from care packages, most of the time its low end stuff. Do I get a bit upset when noobs kill me with the higher end stuff? Yes, but its not that bad, I realize that I get them a lot when I see the care package coming and kill them.

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    I see your point, but your coming across as about 11