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Helped Me Find Matches Faster


This seems to have worked for me, I found lobbies in a couple of seconds after I changed these settings. If you already tried this and  it doesn't work for you, then I' am sorry.


P.S: It also might be that more ppl are online, so I will try to reset my settings and see if its still slow.


For those of you who want to try:


1)Open Steam

2)Under the ''Steam'' on the top left, select ''Settings''

3)Select the ''Downloads + Cloud'' tab


Under here, select the settings that best suits you.


For the download speed: I put ''Cable/Fiber > 10Mpbs'' (Before it was set to Dsl/Cable > 2Mbps)


Game Server Max Ping / Minute: I put 250 ms (Before it was set to 5000)


Download Region: I found my city: Montreal, Canada. (Before it was set to New York City)