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Modern Warfare 3

I know a lot of people hate MW3. It was more of the same maps and guns and you paid a lot for a game that looked almost identical to MW2.

But what I loved about MW3 was that they actualy tried new stuff (support and specialist) and new game types.


I think BO2 has a great MP. (I'm dissapointed in zombies but that's something else). The lag and other stuff help to ruin it but hopefully it'll get fixed so we can enjoy the MP.

But what I miss in BO2 are new gametypes that just let you have fun.

I get it that they want to help people improve their cod stats but that's not why I play the game. There are times where I put my tryhard pants on but mostly I just play to have fun, with or without friends. I don't care about KD, neither does my girlfriend or parents or boss, I care about having fun with or without friends.


I hope Treyarch will put some community playlist in the game so people can unwind from time to time and not take this so seriously. We're not all playing this game to become MLG pro's. btw: hardpoint isn't something new, MW3 had dropzone, kill confirmed also MW3 and multi team is just team deathmatch with 3 teams so nothing to special either.

It would be nice if people would suggest new game types and you can still bring some more stuff from other games like team defender, infected, war, dropzone or guntype only lobbies wich change every month, like one month only shotguns, smg's, ar's and the other month only snipers (trickshot lobbies), only knifers, etc...