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Lag worse than before AND  game more unstable

every game I go into I seem to have a terrible lag problem, I know its not my Internet or my computer. when I go to raise my gun up to shoot someone i die every time. on my screen im seeing them come at me running and then I die. I see me shooting 6-12 shots that don't register when im shooting them point blank in their camping spots.. , I see no slowing down , no gun come up, its like they just run right over top of me or theirs a full 1-2 seconds of lag, OR theirs more hackers than ever (doubtful). often times my game will hang up on 1 frame and then my game will crash, and other times steam give me some error 41 connecting to Bo2 Multiplayer servers.. sometimes Cod even crashes my video card drivers, (screen goes black but i can still hear everything as if im still playing)... none of my other games do these things which leads me to believe that TREYARCH  is a bunch of damn kids trying to develop games.. I give America's Army 3 more credit for their patches improving things instead of making things worse like with this game, but wait, how could I forget that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Anyone does anymore has to be about making money instead of improving things. 1 more disaster of a patch and im uninstalling and going back to BF3 and MWO.