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Lag compensation after new patch


Here is a clip after the new patch released by pcdev.

Have any of you experienced anything similar to this?


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    wierd worlds are these

    I wish I had been recording the live gameplay earlier because I shot a guy and he should have died but instead I died and when I watch the theater video back, it showed my shot as missing but in the live gameplay my aim was bang on.

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    Sad but latest few patches made the game even worse... 1 programmer in his parents basement would fix this in 3 months but Treyarch's payed developers can't (or they don't want to).
    People should not support them at all

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    And the worst thing is that there is not a word from the developers about this - not a word.


    These people who are 'responsible' for the PC platform should hang their heads in shame at the lack of communication.

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    Games today were dreadful. Always behind, being instakilled by invisible players who miraculously appeared in plain sight in killcam - being shown that I was firing about 30 degrees off where I was aiming at also when I did have the chance to see an enemy before being shot at.


    Always the first on the map - I made the mistake of buying high quality internet and a very capable PC.


    Now it's working against me. This is utterly ridiculous Treyarch, you must fix this.

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      Before the bloody new patch i was doing good (for my standars) there was not (till that patch) a medium to long fight that i would lose (with my FAL) to anyone, no matter how good he was.


      Now after new patch there is only DOWNFALL, i fkn suck at this game, i die before i even see anyone shoot at me. I see through people's killcams that they see me for like 1-2 or even 3 seconds when i havent even seen them, when i see them= i die and thats it. Especially on corner fights.


      I thought that suddenly the last week everyone used hacks, apparently i was wrong. Due to the patch i (along with others i guess) we are constantly on the bad side of lag compenstation.


      This game is broken as far as i am concerned, i'll wait 4 more days and then unistall it till some new games come out (dead space etc).


      You're paying 60 bucks or euros for a broken game, where u dont stand a chance thats it for me. And the irony is that people called MOHW broken and hailed at blops2 before it even came out in the market.


      Bottom line, 2012's FPS games = monkey balls.


      And if you think i am a crybaby, i dont give a flying either.

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        Thats every day life for me too bro.


        Tonight tho for the first time since the game was released I managed to get about 10 games in a row that I had almost no issues.

        Infact I might have been on the good side of lag since I noticed my conn drop to 3 bars from time to time. I had a avg k/d of 3-5 in every game and really enjoyed it for a bit.


        Wish it could always be like this.


        Lol at support for the Pc players, all they have is twitter  which is the most ridiculous piece of ***** communication method for support. How do you even describe your problem in 140 chars, they delete/block everyone that complains.

        I've posted them several screenshots of me (western Canada) being connected to the New Jersey data center and they either just plain ignore me or blocked me.

        The game is a cash grab and we should be ashamed for buying it.

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          The sad thing is that some people are satisfied and happy because they will spent 50 more bucks for a dlc in order to get some maps and a weapon. lol


          In other FPS at least you paid that kind of money and got jets, tanks, vehicles etc lol.


          A silly gun costing 50 bucks lol, talkin about CASH GRAB....

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      Same here, not top of the line but I am running an i7 2600K, GTX 670 and 300Mbs cable. I load 1st or second on the map but whenever there are a bunch of yellows (ping) I'm screwed. Most of them are from China (I live in Japan) and it's like that video above.


      Freakin' frustrating. Perhaps I should dig out my old E8400, install XP and go with dial up instead.

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        I dont think this has to do with Yellow or Green bars dude,


        i am always yellow and that kind of stuff happens to me all the time, i am always killed first.


        Yesterday in express, i KSGed someone on head while he was shooting through the window to my teamates who were captouring B (inside the train-so figure out how close he was) and he didnt die, he turned around and killed me, now imagine my frustration.

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          Well dude, as Yellow, Green and Red bars are what we have to "determine" others' relative pings, I'd say it does have something to do with it.


          For example, I rarely see the problem when all show up solid green. When we have a mix of greens, 3 and 2 bar yellows and gawdz forbid, a red or two everything goes nuts.


          I've noted a huge difference when there are a lot of Chinese and Korean players on. When most are Japanese, smooth as silk. I wish there was a way to filter to your own country only. Nothing against those others (My passport isn't from any of them) but hey... give us the option to wait for the best connect.

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            How do you figure out they are from other countries (i am asking if there is a way to know where most users are APART from tags, chats etc) .


            90% of the time, most of the guys in my games ppl with yellow get owned, no matter what.


            I am from Greece and i log in like 99% of the time in German Servers, i know they are German because all of the guys speak or have german names. Then i log in French or Italian servers.


            I have yellow along with 2 or 3 and we all have worst k./d.


            I wish there was a way too. To find ur country only or the closest one to u.


            Dude of 3arch just dont care, its dissapointing.

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              The only way I can tell their country is as you mentioned, tags, chat, names and sometimes I actually ask just to confirm.


              The other thing we have to deal with here is the nationalisitc bullshit some of them type in chat or put in their names / emblems. It's not the majority, but somewhat common. I don't recall ever seeing it started by Japanese though.


              So yes, a country filter would be nice to have.

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    After reading a bit about how people were saying it's worse, I had to try it myself.


    And, oh my God, it's worse. I had maybe two or three deaths over a few dozen matches before the update where I got killed before I started shooting (according to the server, even though I was visibly shooting on my end). After the update, in one match, I had six of these.


    This is bloody insane. The game is basically unplayable.

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    So just to give you guys some evidence, I installed bandicam and recorded an entire match. I used just Windows movie maker to cut out the parts where its really obvious and you will notice its all one player almost every time.


    This is my problem in general, I would have no/little issues with other players but there will be 1 or 2 players thats just "unkillable".


    Ps. Yes I know I'm not super good at the game but still.


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      Right, to add my bit as well, I think this lag compensation thing sucks for players with excellent connections/latency more so than it does for players whose connnction and latency is not as good.  My connection is rock solid and I run a sub 30ms latency.


      There are players in this game who just don't die when you empty a whole clip into their avatars head, yet they shoot past your own avatar seemingly missing you and you die immediately.  I think somehow its penalising players with excellent connections too much whilst trying to level the playing field.  It just feels wrong.  I'm waiting in zerg areas say down a passageway.  Soon as I see a pixel flicker of movement I'm shooting as quick as humanly possible yet I die from their bullets before they can possibly react to me.  Yet the killcam clearly shows they come round corner, see me, ADS/fire and I'm dead.  Its like I just stand there for 1 whole second before shooting, by which time my avatar is dead but thats not how it played out from my perspective.


      Its weird.  I understand what lag compensation is trying to do and I accept that but its not working correctly in my opinion and its favouring poorer connections with higher latency.  No wonder players are spamming 15 torrent uploads constantly while they play to increase latency and introduce some minor lag.  It needs looking at further because it feels pretty unfair right now.

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        You've hit the nail right on the head.


        To be honest, I really want to give BlOps 2 a chance. In playing with bots and during LAN games, I've had a lot of fun. The weapons all feel relatively well balanced, the maps are fun, and overall it feels well designed, even if it's still a console port.


        The only two things that bug me are how the game handles skill distribution on teams (is this match-making? don't really know all my lingo here, sorry) and of course, lag compensation. The former's just mildly annoying most of the time (even if the round is going 5/95 in the other team's favor, I don't really care, I'm just in it to have fun) but the lag compensation just completely kills everything else.


        I've seen videos from earlier on in MW3, and I haven't had anything quite as ridiculous as some of them (involving players literally teleporting around because of the lag comp), but in a way, it's worse in BlOps 2 - The game's just as unplayable (arguably, you might say it's more playable though it's still pretty bad), but it's almost always a lot more subtle about what happened, so to speak.


        Honestly? I do not have a problem with lag compensation at its core. It's a fundamental piece of any multiplayer FPS (or any multiplayer game, I think) in order to make the game fun and playable for everyone. Black Ops 2 is no exception. The problem is that it's being way too harsh on faster connections.

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      It was not lag comp problem, the guy was probably cheating in that video that's why he owned you all the time. Those are the kind of players that I always suspected and reported. Report that guy if I were you and let treyarch handle it. As you can see, he was hip firing with no laser and every bullet registered. Things like that you should report b/c you never know if he's cheating. My guess? I think he was cheating, just my guess, I could be wrong but it's better to report that guy and let treyarch/banhammer check on him.


      Note: you saw how his hip firing was so straight. Hmm.

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        He doesn't appear to be hacking to me. The hipfire on bo2 is outrageously accurate, and the mp7 has virtually no recoil. When you can hipfire across almost a half of a map with a smg, you know there's something unbalanced with the game. Also, I noticed through the updates that they only added decreased hipfire accuracy for the pdw and msmc.

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    I tried to play bo2 again a couple of days ago and this is what happened:


    I am completely done bo2 until they acknowledge these problems with their game and atleast attempt to fix them.

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      I'm still solidly pinging sub 50ms to the servers and its all very stable and even after the latest patch I am still losing 1 on 1's because I don't see my opponent till I am dead.  I think where the hell did he come from when he appears in front of me from a corner or a corridor and has nuked my ass.  When I see the killcam I see my toon running towards my opponents toon as if I didn't see him and it looks like I am on a suicide run because I don't move, ADS or shoot back. From my screen I certainly don't see them.  Then the killcam clearly shows that my opponent has ample time (even though we are talking about one-fifth to half a second) to shoot me dead while using ADS!  My opponent clearly sees me me before I see them, its happened too many times for me to simply miss it, just be too damn slow to react, or blink at the wrong time.   Shouldn't lag compensation mean we see each other at same time?  Well it bloody well doesn't.


      Then I check the players latency and low-and-behold its x3 what mine is, anything up to and over 160ms.  Even here we are talking less than two-tenth's of a second so why is lag comp over-compensating players with higher latency still and giving them an advantage, yet screwing me over because my latency is ~50ms? The numbers need crunching again because low latency players are still being penalized in this damn game by lag compensation.

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      LAG Comp can be your friend or enemy. I watched you started shooting behind him (missing) then locked on. The fight could have gone either way.


      If you're done with BO2 then run games like BF3 where you can pick and choose your servers.