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HELP random account reset

I was playing black ops 2 on the ps3, my account is BBOY-Default and i was just only playing local with bot and then i got fully reset online I was on

prestige 2 level 43 and it took me months to get here. I almost got gold on several weapons. Please Someone fix my account. Thank you in advance

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    same has happen to me like 2hrs ago master to rank 1 GROWLLLLL


    gamertag: trell019 PS3  i was stuck at the loading screen and got booted to the


    create a class lobby and boom back to a grunt.

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      Same here played to level 46 5th prestige had submachine gun in diamonds was at a friends house logged in in split screen with him the game froze we reset the ps3 i log in and my rank was at 1 leader board standing still correct just erased everything else this has ruined the game for me im not getting my hopes up that they will give me everything back it it just pisses me off that i have 6 days playing the game all for nothing




      If anyone like a dev or anyone that will help reads this my PSN ID is: DUB-V_BLAZE


      ugh this really grinds my gears

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    I am making an objective decision to lock this thread. Please read the following quite carefully.

    If you have not contacted Activision Customer Support.

    Please review this Knowledge Base article. In it you will find explanations and a link to a form fill out.


    My Rank and Stats Have Been Unexpectedly Reset

    Note: If applicable, please link your Gamertag or SEN ID to your ELITE profile before starting this process.

    If you have contacted Activision Customer Support.

    Please continue to contact them through channel that you chose to do so. Here is a list of the most common channels.


    Contacting Customer Support


    Twitter & Facebook availability: Considered 24/7

    Foxhound can you fix my issue?

    No. I cannot not provide or answer for Customer Support. Please forward all questions to them.


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