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Clan Recruitment opportunities with [TFv4] think you have what it takes ?

[TFv4] is Currently Recruiting Clan members, we are an XBOX Elite UK Clan with skilled players and are looking for growth within clan numbers. we do not expect all clan members to be on all day everyday but we would like players that are online on a regular basis and are able to come online to particpate in Clan Ops/Challenges.


dont worry we are not your parents so we arent going to tell you what to do




- MUST be aged 16+

- MUST Speak fluent English

- MUST have a mic (Communication is KEY)

- MUST have a Call of Duty Elite account (if not why dont you sign up its free)

- SHOULD play frequently

- WILL BE REQUIRED to participate in Clan Operations and Challenges

- MUST be able to take a little banter as well as give some...sense of humours are appreciated


Think You have what it take ...?

Get Involved


- xII Airen IIx