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Titles & emblems form


Does anyone know if the form you fill in when missing clan titles & emnblems is working? I am getting tired of filling it in and getting nothing, not my title& emblems I am owed or any kind of response. New members to my clan get all the titles & emblems we have unlocked but the older members havnt got them, we all seem to be missing different ones aswel I personally am missing most of them.


Thanks for any help




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    Same thing happened to me. I left the clan and joined another one and get the emblems/titles now. No one ever responded to the 5 times I sent out that form.

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      I am having the same issue with the oldest members of my clan (including myself).  My clan is LVL 27 now and I never got any emblems passed the OWL. Not surprise that the form is not working...the day BOP2 came out, we have lost the quality service we use to have in the past (during subscription, when we were paying for ELITE).  Hopefully this issue will resolve once day.

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        I've read posts that stated they were able to resolve this issue by leaving the clan and then joining back in. Of course, based on posts regarding Elite not working properly with regards to Clan management, I doubt if anyone can leave their clan or join one.


        I suggest taking the Twitter approach and contacting @ATVIAssist.