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I'm good at playing, but I get cussed for it?


Okay. I'm just a normal Xbox person who plays Call of Duty like most folks.


I've started playing Black Ops 2 from a week after it was launched. At first I sucked but after 4 days I became really good.

Now here I am earning Swarms, Orbital VSATs etc.

Once I got Diamond on all my SMGs I decided to go for the "Primary Mastery" title.

Currently I have all diamond primaries except the XPR 50 so this morning I started Team Deathmatch and tried getting One Hit Kills for my Kyptek Typhon.

Btw I'm a really bad sniper. I don't like long range, but still I think I'm really good at it since my K/D is always above 1.00.


Since the start of my BO2 experience I've had about 10 friggin messages from people on the other team always cussing me down and I'm getting really angry. Once I admit I was kinda a **** when I killed a Team-mate in Hardcore and stole his care-package but that was for jokes! I was bored! I know it doesn't justify and please cuss me down for that by all means but what about when I play realistically and try my best? Usually I come on top of the players. I'm just good at rushing and playing, so how is it my fault? Aren't I supposed to enjoy myself? I get a lot of Final Killcams aswell giving people time to know my Gamertag and get prepared to write a hate message for me. I just don't know why people get so pissed off? How do they even bother writing a message? Isn't it just a game? I mean I get pissed off too sometimes by some guys because they are pros too. Maybe I say "fu33" or "*******" a few times when they get a buzz kill outta me but I respect them. I know they're good. I acknowledge that and move on, I don't make it personal and friggin take it up a level to write a hate message to them!


Just now, and I mean just 5 minutes ago I played a match with my XPR-50 (with ACOG) and got 32 kills and 9 deaths. As i said I suck with snipers but this one is pretty good at one hit kills as a semi-auto. i simply find it easier to shoot with acog. may be more sensitive and innacurate than scope but i have peripheral view and it keeps me from dying. after i got the final killcam i got a voice message from a guy insulting me. i asked him "what's your problem" and he says (and I quote exactly) "run aroung with a acog on a sniper only **** player doin that". maybe this is understandable, maybe i am a "****" player for using such a noob combination but so what? why did Treyarch add ACOG to snipers than? if you guys agree it's nooby then fair enough. but i dont even like snipers im just maxing my xpr out. but this isn't even an offensive message compared to other guys. once an idiot said (and i quote again from my message inbox) "little cocksucker **** didnt work did it u sad little ****... not good enough to kill your own guy" that was after i killed his guy he was trying to kill. he was getting shot at so i helped him by killing his enemy thats all.

it went on and he said im not good enough to even get a dragonfire like him, and i told him to check my stats on black ops 2 so he can see how many swarms ive got. he changes the subject constantly and says im not good enough to get a 2 chain kill and other continuous crap. eventually he uses his friends account to friend me, and then he invites me to a party to chat and cuss me down. i dont have microphone btw so i didnt join and he kept calling me a pu$$y etc. i told him im sorry if i pissed him off etc and that im tired of this silly argument, he says (and I quote) "you've shown ur self to be a scared little boy who is all mouth lol i bet you **** ur self dont worry i wont come and beat you up bet i just have to say boo and you'll start crying."

i told him im not going to reply anymore since he's wasting my time, and he says "yeah yeah ...u would have found out if you had any balls buy you keep showing how spineless you are ...i wont be wasting anymore time on u as ur clearly not worth it enjoy reading this as i wont get u useless little cunnt"

this was after i said that i pity him and i dont want to waste my time with im. see how he extracts sentences from my messages and writes back?


this is what i mean! what is going on?

another time i got the final snipe killcam WITHOUT Acog and the guy says (and I quote) "aim botting cheat. reported."


I played Modern Warfare 3 all the way through prestige 20 and I didnt any insults at all. in this game im getting absolutely paraded by these idiots. and sadly they're not kids either; which sucks coz id normally kids to do this silly crap.


Please just tell me what the hell am I supposed to do? Have you guys had any sort of silly problems like this where idiots were harrassing you? I seriously get fed up of idiots like this. At the end it is just a game, isn't it?