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Dlc Idea


This Map Pack will be called Blast From The Past. What if we can have a poll from treyarch that lets us vote for the top 3 maps in bo1 and the top 3 weapons from black ops 1. What would you choose.



Firing Range






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    Look, if you want to play on the old maps with the old weapons, just go play Black Ops again.

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    I don't know how I feel about the old maps. I mean I loved Firing Range and Summit in Black Ops but with the way people play now those makes give me nightmares thinking how people would play them.


    I honestly don't think they're done with gun DLC and I think we'll get at least one more gun in a DLC pack. Black Ops 2 has the least weapons in a CoD since CoD4 so I think we're looking at an AR DLC at somepoint, just a theory.

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      I personally think one a DLC as far as weapons. I could be wrong, but for me it all adds up good. Im thinking next an AR, followed by the shotty, the last may have one of each of a sniper and lmg, or could have just one. Hell they couod even do a special weapon like a crossbow...i dont know i guess we will have to wait amd see (fingers crossed for a AR)....

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    I like remakes, and think this is a great idea.  I don't care which map but I would like to see a throwback gun like the M1 Garand or an energy rifle or secondary energy weapon that is not leathal it just sets them up for an assist or something.

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    3.Firing Range