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Burger King Promotion

Ok so.. i don't know if any of you guys know about this, but here in Mexico there's a Burger King promotion that gives you a combo with a burger, french fries and a soda, all of this in a special Black Ops 2 burger package that includes a clothes patch and a Code that you can redeem on callofduty.com/blackops2/bk.. Anyways, my doubt is this, when you redeem the code, do they give you all of the special things (A camo, a calling card, a wallpaper and a soundtrack) or they just give you one thing? if it is the last one, then it sucks cuz' they give me a wallpaper, and it's cool and all of that, but i wanted the camo xD! i would like you guys to give me the answer please

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    I have never even heard of this promotion, but im from MN.

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    haven't heard of it either, and im from Mexico. mayb i'ts bcause i don't go to burger king lol.


    IN the page you listed it says that they give you ONE of the following items:


    > Exclusive Weapon Camo
    > MQ-27 Dragonfire Calling Card Background
    > Quadrotor Drone Wallpaper
    > Adrenaline Track from the Official Soundtrack by Jack Wall


    I would like the calling card or the camo xD if you can redeem a code tell me what you got.

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    I found this through google. It was from the Tech Games website and was in spanish. Translated it through an external website and got this...


    The best game of the 2012 and the most successful of recent years now is coming to the Burger King of Mexico. In partnership with Activision, presents a burger Special Edition.



    This special edition of a Whooper includes one of four unique game clothing patches. In addition to a points card for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


    ' Burger King customers will enjoy new experiences in each of our restaurants thanks to the Burger Special Edition Call of Duty and its exclusive promotional items. The possibility to develop this promotion with Activision, world leader in the sector of entertainment, fills us with satisfaction that a very important part of our customers enjoy video games.' Artemio Garza, Director Senior Marketing of Burger King for Latin America and Caribbean.


    The Hamburger has ingredients such as lettuce, crispy onions and a special sauce called Call of Duty, comes packaged in a box with a unique design of the game. It will be available until January 31st or while stocks last.

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    Where can I redeem the code from the Burger King promotion.

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    my name is edy1999 :*

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    donde puedo ingre sar mi codigo

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    En que lugar se ingresa el codigo? Esto es un robo!