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10 thing that i would like to see in the next callofduty infinity ward (maybe mw4)



Here are my 10 things that i would like to see in Modern warfare 4:


1) Predadot Missile it was a really fun killstreak(Black ops 2 hellstorm was boring)


2) Good multiplayer theme spawn sounds it makes the game better. Like pmc Defeat and victory

that where amazing spawn soundtrack.


3) dedicated servers That would be really awesome!


4) Spawns make good spawns not that you spawn at enemey base and if you get spawnkilling.


5) Modern warfare 2 red dot sight please! that where really awesome red dot sights!


6) Graphics Make a new ingine.


7) Ak-47 , Ump-45 , Mp7 that are really fun weapons!


8) A fun campaign.


9) Good map design. Like MW2 maps.


10) Please the next callofduty make a Cod like mw2!


What you guys think that should be in the next Modern warfare?


(sorry for my bad english)