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Vonderhaar Says No TDM Change



Video Description: This video discusses the rumored statement that David Vonderhaar stated about the much talked about TDM Change.


I'm interested in reading what your thoughts are on this rumored David Vonderhaar statement about Team Deathmatch change.

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    Wonderful now we have Video whining, text whining just doesnt hack it anymore huh?

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    I am personally happy that they aren't making scorestreaks easier in TDM. I'm tired of seeing so many high scorestreaks piggybacked one afcter the other on all game types.

    I see plenty of the higher streaks in TDM just the way it is.

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    I agree. I understand that they want to reinvent multiplayer. Not only to change it up a little, but also to cater to MLG. Lets be honest though, sometimes, and over the past few CoD titles, they have tried too hard. Many of us have seen CoD evolve and its becoming less and less genuine to its roots. Change is cool, but never forget where you came from. Xp system is crap, I can destroy a bunch of equipment without a single kill and still get my killstreaks. Shall I say anymore?

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    Watched most of the vid...


    I don't think raising the score per kill is the answer, and lets be honest. Nothing will ever change someone's camping mentality... Campers will camp no matter what... This game isn't camp friendly anyway, so who-cares...


    I personally think the cap should be raised from 75 to 100/125...


    I play HC TDM and most of my games are over in 4 1/2 to 7 minutes. Rarely do I  see a match go to time...


    Raise the cap and I'll be happy :)

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    If you want scorestreaks to do your work, play Domination or Kill Confirmed.  A Swarm in TDM >> Swarm in objective game modes tbh.

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    TDM is super super boring in this cod, Vahn is a **** full of his own self importance, I strongly dislike him and Treyarch, I want to see him go the way of Bowling!!!!


    like the vid sais, no one plays Bare bones, and Vahn is a dickhead for shaping the game only how HE wants it.

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    I wouldn't want to see a drastic change to TDM, in previous titles such as MW3 there was just too much going on with constant choppers and airstrikes, it got all out of hand.


    If there has to be a change make it subtle but to be honest I'd rather they just leave it alone because they'll only mess it up.

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