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10 thing that i would like to see in the next callofduty infinity ward (maybe mw4)



Here are my 10 thing that i would like to see in next callofduty:



1) Spawns- Make better spawns, not that you spawn at enemey base or get spawnkilling.



2) Graphics- Make better graphics.


3) Dedicated Servers- That would be great!


4) Multiplayer theme victory and defeat- Look at MW3 Pmc defeat and victory that where amazing Multiplayer themes!


5) Red dot sight- Put MW2 red dot sights in next callofduty that where really awesome red dot sight.


6) Predadot Missile- Put predadot missile in Next callofduty that is a fun killstreak.


7) infected- That was a really fun Multiplayer mode.


8) Ak-47   -- Put it in next callofduty, but please make it with wood and metal(not full metal)


9) New game modes - i want new game modes. Then is game funner


10) A fun campaign with a stroy!


What you guys think that should be in the next callofduty? for me Black ops 2 was little boring

of al same game modes. MW3 was not that bad.



(sorry for my bad english)