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Gun mobility and Treayarc logic?

SMGs and SG have 100% mobiliity. They are light and this makes sense.


AR have 95% mobility. Makes sense as well. They are more cumbersome than SMG and SG.


LMG have 90% mobility. They are big, so take a bigger mobility penalty.


Snipers have 100% mobility. This does not follow the logic employed in other gun classes-small, light guns have high mobility, with mobility reducing as size and weight of gun increase.


Why do you think snipers have 100% mobility, and LMGs only have 90%? Should sniper mobility be reduced or LMG mobility increased?

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    Snipers are 95%

    They should actually have different mobility per sniper. The DSR and XPR are the heavy weights and the SVU and ballista are more the weight of AR's

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    Sniper rifles can be very light for infantrymen to handle these days.  The SVU-AS weighs at around 4kg because it's a bullpup rifle.  LMGs are still heavy in comparison, although they have become lighter themselves over the years, and the mobility issue makes sense.  I use LMGs myself and have no qualms with the lack of mobility.


    I wouldn't mind seeing specific mobility percentages for each weapon within a category of weapons because drum fed LMGs could well be a lot lighter than belt fed ones but still suffer from the mobility of heavier LMGs.