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stop deleting suggestions,



This is now the second time you delete my suggestion post , if you don't want suggestions then move the freaking suggestion section. It's very anoying that i spend 2 hours thinking and writing an decent post so you have some suggestions and after my post get deleted. I mean grow up if you don't like to get some suggestions in the right page. I don't violate any rules so basicly you are not allowed to post some good improvements ? If so you have to improve thne way how you are treating your custummers, you delete good suggestions and your support ticket system is far from being user friendly. Personally i reached my hand out to much to get a proper person to explain me what is going on.


Your phone support is just rubbish i they want me to send an new black ops disc but it's worthless cause there is no scratch on my disc and this game keeps crashing and crashing im so mad at the fact i bought this game. My hdd is now broke by youre game it won't startup any more it's just distroyed by trieng to play tranzit. Stop ignoring your custummers and listen what they have to say , you are destroying my equiptement and totally ignore me thats just stupid.


I will never ever in my entire life buy an activision game again this is just taking my money and destroy my ps3 and after i get tottally douchebagged by your moderations or support /community. Is it so hard to create a place where players can post some ideas for the game. Nobody has feedback or an suggestion for the webpage so why this even exist ?