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why is there even suggestion section?

How many times have players cried out to get more Hardcore gametypes? a lot, and did they responded to that at all? nope.

so why bother even having suggestion section if they wont make any suggestions that were suggested.


The most suggested changes:

More HC gametypes

Dedicated Servers

Nerf SMGs

Aim assist for controllers on pc version - (never gonna happen)

Bigger maps

  • Re: why is there even suggestion section?

    This suggestion section is for the forums, not the game. This is stated clearly in the announcement at the top of the forum.


    Game suggestions and feedback should go in General Discussion or in the appropriate sub forum based on platform (Xbox, PS3, PC, WiiU).


    Regarding your hardcore suggestion, there are several active threads on that topic. Please contribute your thoughts to those existing threads.


    Claire JeepChick