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Increased Lag and Weird/Dodgy Players


Has anyone noticed that MW3 has had an increase of lag and it seems players are becoming a little dodgy and don't seem always legit. I was on a game last night with my friend and we couldn't kill 3 players on the enemy team. Our connection was fine and it was all good and dandy but I couldn't hit these three players.


At one point I was putting half a clip and they wouldn't die and I wasn't even getting a hit marker.


I've played all throughout today and keep running into situations like above. Has some hack been released? Is it pure lag?


I dunno, I think there has been an increase of lag recently to say the least. If not, then we must have some dodgy as F**k players.


Anyway anyone experiencing this?

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    What you and many others (myself included) are experiencing is called 'lag compensation', which basically punishes people with good internet connection. Many years ago people started noticing that the host player in lobbies started gaining major advantages for being the host. The gaming companies attempted to fix this (at least in MW3) by installing lag compensation to even out the battlefield. What started out as a great solution gave horrible results. I am not implying that every single gamer experiences lag compensation in every single match, but many do in fact have to go through this frustration in many situations. So lets say you have an internet connection at 85 % and another player on the other team has a standard connection at 65 %, he will gain an advantage because he has a lesser connection and you will experience the lag. This is just to even out the gameplay which I am sure worked out great in Infinity Ward's offices when they tried this but in reality there are millions of gamers out there and entire oceans seperate them. Since they used one type of internet connection it worked but there are thousands of different internet connections out there, that is why the lag compensation does not work. I have to comply when you mention the impossibleness of killing certain players because of this, and not even a whole magazine can drop the opponent. Well, I hope that Infinity Ward does recognize this but there is no point trying since they do not listen to their customers. I mean, this lag compensation has been around for a while now, and pardon my french, but they just don't give a s**t..

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      Well I am aware of lag comp. I have been on these forums alongtime and have heard many conversations about lag comp. I was merely pointing out that recently it seems as if their has been a spike in lag recently.


      Some games connections drop like madn and then you think you have shot someone and they easily turn around and kill you...