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  • 40. Re: Has anyone else quit playing until they fix the lag?

    I still play, just when the lag bug hits me I just stop playing. Had a great evening last night, took a break to eat came back 30 minutes later and nothing but laggy games. night over

  • 41. Re: Has anyone else quit playing until they fix the lag?

    Maccabi, I know you are a presence of these forums. I have also watched your video with Cappo about MW3 lag compensation.


    I am curious to know what your take is on the lag issues in this game. It sounds like you personally do not experience many lag problems. Do you think most people are making it up? Or mistaking it for bad play / skill?


    The reason I ask is because with your technical background, if it were me, I would be ultra curious to find out why so many people are complaining of the same problem (that I do not experience). I would even be altering my connection in many ways to see if I can reproduce the symptoms. 

  • 42. Re: Has anyone else quit playing until they fix the lag?

    Can't be coincidence. I have exactly the same experience.


    When I didn't play for 1 week, I came back and the first 10 games played brilliant. Then it slowly deteriorated to a mess and currently is unplayable.


    This led me to consider the Xbox cache has a role to play. After I deleted that it didn't help. So now I'm considering its to do with the game - Theatre game saves? How many games does it save and how long do they stay there?

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    I have quit playing for a while now.... not due to the lag, I can put up with that. It's the host Disconnection/Migrations that I had enough off....

    I'll need to give it another go sometime soon, to see if there's been any improvement.

  • 44. Re: Has anyone else quit playing until they fix the lag?

    If i play about 20 games you can bet i pull out of at least half of those due to the games being to laggy, if it seems i am like a second or two behind or some players are showing  2 bars or less i am gone,

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    i not quit totaly just finding games ive bein bought and never played actualy enjoyable to play and my family defenatly like the less moody stressed out bloke this game turned me into

  • 46. Re: Has anyone else quit playing until they fix the lag?

    hahahaha, hahahahahahaah, aaaahahahahahahah

    i noticed lag compensation in black ops, maccabi and others said it was my connection

    lies, it is not your connection, it is those with poor wireless connections (not wi-fi)

    i didnt buy mw3, borrowed it from my brother, same garbage

    never played black ops 2, i will never buy another call of duty, ever


    eneable upnp, lol, enable hackers more like it

    but i did buy halo 4, joke is on me though right?

  • 47. Re: Has anyone else quit playing until they fix the lag?

    I do not have lag issues either,  I hear some guys say they are 2 seconds behind,  which makes no sense because if they were truly that far behind they would not get a kill.


    I am not saying some people have no lag issues,  but many exaggerate this if they get beat. But I am sure there are people who do have real issues.


    I see a couple seconds lag here and there,  no more than I would with any other game. I have a wired connection right to the modem and open ports.  Thats it, 

  • 48. Re: Has anyone else quit playing until they fix the lag?

    I occassionally get the odd laggy game and im generally 1-3secs behind people as im getting shot by invisible people only after I die do I see them jump a foot round the corner and skip round the map asif there legs arent even moving.


    In my experiance

    4 bar = 3/4 of games will be playable

    3bar = 1/2-1/4 will be playable

    2-1bar = unplayable


    I never go below a 3bar unless on the U.S Server. I get most lag when I get put in a lobby with Eastern Europeans.


    I thought this had been fixed but recently it has been alot worse, there are more then enough people to play at anytime in the U.K so why do I find Italians, Spanish, French, Dutch, Germans and Swedish being put in my games, its pretty obvious that it will cause lag.

  • 49. Re: Has anyone else quit playing until they fix the lag?

    My friend just quit by smashing his controller and snapping his headset.  Not a reaction I approve of, but it illustrates how upset some people are getting.


    I don't recall this kind of issue in BO1, but I was complaining about getting shot from around corners on day 1 of MW3, and waited that whole year for BO2 assuming it would get better.  It somehow got so much worse.  In MW3 I may have gotten shot when I was sure I reached cover, but I never missed a stationary target at point blank range- something that has happened to me multiple times.


    Can this even be fixed at this point? Is it hardwired into the game?  Is it there to give bad players a good game sometimes so their feelings don't get hurt?  I'm not great- I have good games and bad games and I get my gold guns eventually, but I would rather get beaten by a player better than me every day instead of letting a confrontation be decided by external forces. This is a game, and games aren't fun when you always lose, but they are also not fun when you cheat or have an unfair advantage.  If I wanted to go around gunning down people who can't fight back I'd play the campaign on easy.


    I'm working on gold guns, and I don't get that upset when I die, but I am getting a little tired of this and may need some time off.  I shouldn't be anticipaing next year's game this early, but I did with MW3 and now I am again.

    I think most of my friends and myself will not buy the next game until we see how it turns out.