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Why hogging kills in the first few rounds is a noob move.....


Im gonna step by step explain this.


Ok so you have average to below average players which make up 60-70% of public lobbies.


An average to below average player goes into a game buys a M14 right off the bat and has zero points. Say they only manage to get one kill in the first 2 rounds.


That means they have at most a 100 (600 if they didnt buy the M14) some points going into round 3. Keep in mind this is a average to below average player.


Round 4 the manage to get a few kills all by shooting zombies (more than likely not headshot) so by round 5 they have more than likely well below a thousand points.


Now if I have an M14 going into roud 6 I can manage but its still risky as it starts taking whole clips (non-headshots) to kill zombies. So now you have a average to below average player stuck with an M14 on round 6. And we wont even talk about how bad this is on maps like Die Rise or Kino with hell hounds.


So lets say said player manages to miraculously not go down so far. On rounds 5 plus the below average player has almost no chance of getting to many kills so by round 7 only has about 2,000 points and now spend there money on a decent gun.


They are able to get a few kills (more than likely not heashots). So by round 8 he may have up to 2,000 points. Now hes going into round 9 with no Jugg.


Lets keep in mind most players have already went down by this time so the they probably dont even have 2,000 points. Not to mention they have to re-buy ammo. And just imagine if said person dies and loses there gun. Your looking at an average to below average player running round on round 10 plus with no Jugg.


So basically these players need all the help they can get. And those extra points in the first few rounds could have allowed them to get a good gun by round 4, letting them stack points much easier and therefore standing a chance past round 9 and 10.


So a noob move is something a player does that hurts themselves, other players or their whole team.


So why is hogging kills in early rounds a noob move? Because by doing it you hurt your teammate.

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    Its a noob move because:

    you can get 130 points by stabbing a zombie plus 10 points for each non-lethal shot.

    In round 1, I can shoot the zombie 5 times and stab it for a total of 180 points.

    If I shoot the zombie 5 times and then the noob shoots that same zombie I will get 50 points for the five shots and he will get 50 points for killing the zombie - for a total of 100 points. 


    There is a limited number of zombies so getting the maximum points for those zombies in early rounds allows the team to open doors and buy weapons. 


    I will buy the M14 in early rounds. In round 3 you can shoot a zombie twice with the M14 and then stab it. In round 4 you can shoot the zombie 3 times and then stab it.  But i can also get headshots consistantly in later rounds to make the gun effective.

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    See a zombie, kill it.  Not sure what all this stealing complaining is about.

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      I'm pretty sure, not positive off hand, that each map starts with at least 4 zombie spawn spots. Yeah, zombies nor windows don't belong to anybody, but it is good team work to allow players to get their points. If a player wants to let a zombie climb through the window so they can shoot it and knife it, hope to get power up, and then fix their window to max their points, then let them. Only slows down the game for a moment and if you are an experienced player then you really don't need to be stealing kills from somebody else's window. It is a coop game after all.


      Stealing kills, which is how its going to be taken when a player is waiting at the window they think is theirs, is a good way to immediately make players want to quit. A big reason why it seems like more people quit these maps are because there is a lot less team work. Probably because these maps are bigger then past maps so players end up spread further apart then usual, but if you are a good player, then doing little things to help the other players is the best way to keep other players from rage quitting.

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      It's called team work. you hog all the kills and no one else gets enough points then you pay for it in the end. I don't even stay in games with people that run around first round killing zombies i'm shooting at cause I know they are going to be **** team mates.

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    If you can't save up 2000 points by round 8, then I don't think there is much I can do to help you other then revive you, and that means I need all the points I can get.


    By your logic, you basically saying that if someone is so bad they couldn't make it to round 6 on thier own, you can thow a ton of money at the to make them last to what? Round 9? Seems like a waste.


    I can help that guy by reviving him when possible, and when its not possible, letting him watch for a bit. That's how I got better. 


    I've stopped letting kill stealing bother me when playing with randoms. If I'm playing with 3 people that understand the mechanics of the game (people I know), then kill stealing in the early rounds seems a bit stupid and wasteful.

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      Your talking about average to below avrage players. I can stack 2000 by round 3.


      And the said players need all the help they can get.


      I literally see my described scenario happen 8-9 out of 10 games.


      Their kills get stolen and its a domino effect.

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        I hear what your saying but play it through. If you let that below avg player get their kills,


        1. They net half the points you would

        2. they blow it on the box

        3. they blow it on the box again

        4. Unhappy with the RPD, they hit the box again hoping for the ray gun

        5. The rage quit because all they have is a stupid HAMR and RPD and they only continue to play if they get the ray gun

        6. They never considered getting Jugg


        I had a kid yesterday concussion the box when a HAMR came up for me. When I asked him why, he said it was because he wanted it. no joke.


        These may be extreme examples, but they make up 1/3 of the randoms that I come across.Another 1/3rd run around farm saying, why can't I find the PaP?


        Don't get me worng, I really enjoy playing with randoms. But it's me first, then I'll help them

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    Not sure what happened to everynes post but the bottom line is 60-70% of people in random lobbys are averge to below average.


    Its a dck move to take away the only chance they have at staying on there feet as long as possible by taking much needed points away from them and not allowing them to get off to a good start.


    Im not im not trying to tell people how to play im just letting everyone know that hogging kills right off the bat does hurt players.

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      Okay so nuketown round 17 jugg still hasnt dropped theyve hit the box got a ray gun and hamr been down 9-11 times so if they cant survive what can i do for them they can have all the points in the world get jugg speed and double tap have ray gun and hamr but if there a **** player there goin down regardless i see it oh to often especially on nuketown if hes such a dumbass hes gonna drag his train on me because hes making a break for the box when he has 2 full guns your damn right im yaking his kills the rest of the game

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        Sure but what im saying for a average to below average player who takes the game seriously and is trying, there chances are way better if they get off to a good start. Its usually about there only fighting chance.


        It also helps them to have extra points to help themsleves get on there feet for when they do mess up. Without a good start there chances of being able to do this are way way less.

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          But your not getting me 9/10 people your speaking of dont open doors i have to open them for them then hit the box twice and have 400 points left if they spend there money on the box and not perks then thats there risk im not gonna take the bullet for them im gonna get my kills regardless of them because lets be honest here there gonna go down atleast 2 or 3 times before round 10 anyway so i dont even bother with them

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            There are many players like tht yes. But for an average to below average player who takes the game seriously they wil lquickly learn the to use teammwork and correct themselves on these things.


            So why punish this percentage of players by not letting them get off to a good start just because there are players out there like you described?

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              Thats my point if the player is any good at all they will get their kills and survive get perks and a gun and you wont have to babysit them maybe the go down ocasionally but the below average player is not my responsibility because the ones that i end up playing with go down no matter how many perks or guns they have then proceed to rage quit or go down another 7-9times so im just not gonna bother with him the average player will not need my babysitting

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    lol i do that and i get really far like round 50 or higher

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    If you're playing with people worth a damn then everyone will have 1000 points at the end of the first round. Teleport, someone's got the bank, someone's got power, and the others make it to town. It may take a long time for me to find a game, but the game is always worth my while. Sounds to me that you guys get frustrated by the same stuff I do, but I actually chose to be super selective to do something about it.

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    I look at it this way, the more points I can get the more doors I can afford to open and give the game some direction since most noob players never open doors. I learnt that from Moon.

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      You can stick to one window and stack enough points for that. No need to go to another window and kill zombies someone else is trying to kill.


      I know what your saying about how most players will end up wasting the points and not helping the team or even themselves with their points. But there are many average or below average players that are 100% willing to help the team that depend on getting off to a good start.

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    i'm all for teamwork and for making sacrifices on behalf of the team. but i'm not totally confident in your strategy for a few reasons.


    1. there are other ways to help out less experienced teammates. for example, if i happen to have the most points on round 3 or 4, i'll open up the door to the bar and jugg. this way, the average and below average players can save points to buy a decent weapon or jugg. i'll also go out of my way to revive them. i'll always try to revive a downed player, even if that ends with me going down too. it's also cheaper to revive them--they don't have to buy new guns. and plus, a lot of uncommitted players rage quit if you let them spectate.


    2. average and below average players don't really know the gory but important details of zombies. so, as other people have pointed out, they don't understand how to maximize points in the early rounds (like that it's better to knife a zombie in round 1). they tend to shoot zombies that are still inside windows with their wall guns, throw grenades into the top floor of the bar, or take other people's kills, mistakenly thinking that the other player is slow or stupid. so i think the team would be better off if other players didn't let the average and below average people rob the team of much needed points on the early rounds.


    3. a lot of the average or below average people are die-hard multiplayer people who play zombies just to take a break from multiplayer. problem is, they bring the strategies and attitudes from multiplayer with them and so a lot of them steal kills because they're used to aiming for high kills in multplayer. so instead of viewing the other players as teammates, they see them as competitors for each zombie. these players annoy me a lot and i really don't want to encourage them into thinking that stealing kills in zombies is cool or effective as a strategy.

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      Im not saying everyone should just let people have all there kills. I do it sometimes yes thats just me. I can easily make up for it but an inexperienced player may not be able to. And even a couple hundred points can play in huge to them and whether or not the go down before round 10 and then fall into a downward spiral ending up with no points to even remotely try to get back on there feet.


      And on maps like CoD and Town I can just not kill zombies and let other people have them because there are no windows.


      So really the main issue at hand here is when a player "hogs" kills in the first few rounds it leaves below average or average players (who make up the larger portion of zombie players) with no points getting them off to a bad start which they really dont have the experience to get out of.


      I understand what your saying symore about my give kills away strat. But im not sure why people are disagreeing with my main point. Its not even an opinion. What I am saying is literally a fact. I really couldnt even estimate how many times Ive seen my scenario in my original post play out. Take 365 times 5 (years since WaW) and thats probably still an underestimate. Actually it didnt seem like that much of an issue until BO1. In WaW it was like there were 4 windows and everyone knew what to do. Stack points and dont let zombies in. In BO1 that strategy went largely to sht. Now your average player has no concept of stacking points early on. And they are left running around on round 10 plus with no points for a single perk and caught in a cycle of going down and having to hope of getting out.


      So what do they do next game? The rush around trying get all the kills because thats how they see other player get points early.


      And people say things like "oh its easy to make up for it" but no its not for an inexperienced player. Just a couple hundred points early on can make or break them.


      Leaving an inexperienced player with only a few kills in the first 4 rounds or so kinda screws them over bad really.


      If you let them get off to a good start they have a chance to get Jugg and stay on there feet longer and get more points at any round.

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    And Ive read posts before where people say things like "I steal kills so I can open up the doors and get perked up to help them out". As if they are doing the inepxerienced player a favor by depriving him of points only so they can be caught in a cycle of getting revived constantly from round 10 on.


    No, letting them have points early so they can afford Jugg if they go down and at least follow me around and get a feel for the game is what will help them.


    And yeah if they die they can learn some things by watching. But the way you really learn is playing, getting a feel for how the zombies spawn, where they spawn, what to do in certain situations and etc. Otherwise they are just watching you not understanding why you are doing what your doing.