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Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?


Over the past few call of duty titles I have perfected the whole idea of strafe jumping to prone to win unexpected gun battles. It seems as though now that a lot of halo players, including pros, are switching to BO2, people have started complaining about this strategy or tactic much much more. Do you guys think it's a problem, or just something that a lot of people either need to do and join the ranks, or get used to the fact that its here to say?
Also, if you want to know how to do this, here is an instructional vid, but it's not the point of this post.



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    Hate people that drop down from parachute and kill me.

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    Also, when did people stop embedding videos, the reason I DID NOT watch this?

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    It honestly isn't a problem. It's a good way to punish head glitchers/snipers, and it really isn't that aggravating. If you're angry about being shot, then CoD won't be much fun.

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    I am for Halo Jumpers.  It is part of competitive gaming.  It is a way to out play your opponent.  Another way to out play your opponent is Dropshotting.


    Only bad kids complain about Halo Jumping and Dropshotting because they cannot accept that they get out played.

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    They allow you to jump in a game, they allow you to shoot in a game. If they didnt want you to jump AND shoot they would have disabled the weapon when jumping.


    Quickscopers annoy me more but not enough to hate on thm.

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    People are going to do whatever they can to win.


    If people need to resort to douchebaggery, I am ok with it. I enjoy shooting them out of the air and hearing them claim that I am using sorcery in the seconds after.

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    i get most, if not all my head shots from shooting halo and drop byhces. Its annoying, but they will do what they need to do to win the fight. How i overcome, is i aim little low, so when they drop, instant head shot.

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    Very annoying but obviously legit. Just hate when every time a player sees the enemy he automatically dropshots. Legit but cheap. Stand up and kill or get killed like a man. Lol.

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    If the game didn't already have a lot of synchronization issues it wouldn't bother me. However, I see the corner jump most used as a way to take advantage of the games latency much like the invulnerability period gained in the MW3 snake move. Although I have not been able to prove it my guess is that whenever my ADS jumps uncontrollably above the head of an enemy he most likely jumped and the game smoothed it out but the stupid aim assist over-corrected.


    Its the same effect the jerky side to side movement that SMGers get when they have their sensitivity set to insane. In their game they are jerking back and forth searching for targets while moving at a high rate of speed. To the guy trying to shoot them from behind they appear to be moving in a straight line. This is what's happening when you get an excessive amount of hitmarkers and the enemy spins 180 degrees and instant kills you.


    Oh and for those who feel they are  "outplaying" the other team don't go breaking your arms patting yourselves on the back. Unless you are playing a private match in a lan game your success has more to do with your connection then your skill. Need proof just think about how many times a host has migrated and in a game you were once dominating your now getting your ass handed to you. This game is 60% connection, 25% skill, and 15% dumb luck.

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