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SMG #1 Overused weapon?


I mean, Whats the point in having all these different guns if people only resort to the SMG?

Seriously. counting up my last few rounds about 25 deaths? No kidding 21 were SMG kills.  few grenade deaths. and a knife battle with someone.

Even when i'm watching the kill feed it will be





And this isn't just one round. No its every round. And its even worse on HC. i rarely see anything else besides the SMG. Here and there i will see the KAP-40? Or what ever its called. Sometimes the assault rifle. but 9 out of 10 times it will be the SMG that takes the lead without a single doubt.


And some people even say and let me quote this "Why bother with a gun if i can just put a laser sight on it and don't even bother to aim. just point and shoot i'll hit you before you can even draw(Aim down the sight i suppose) your weapon.


And on a level i couldn't disagree with them. But then again, whats the fun in playing a shooter if you are only gonna spray, Which in my eyes seems like a leap of faith. And i think its kinda stupidly how good the smg is. [b]and not just in the right hands like a sniper.[/b]

i mean, Its ridicilous hard to get a high kill streak without camping ur ass off when you are using anything besides a smg to counter a smg.

The odds that you encounter someone with a smg are SO high. and the odds that they are spraying are up there to.

And the reason because its so hard is simple. a smg is so pin point accurate. If you take a lmg or ar


1. they shoot way slower,


Which is perfectly fine. thats how its supposed to be.


2. their hipfire is WAY less accurate.


Which is also fine.


But i think its just stupid that if you equip a laser sight to a smg its almost as accurate as if you would aim down your sight, besides the longer ranges ofc.

There is no reason for a SMG to ads right now. Everytime i get killed by a smg (90% of my deaths) And i watch the kill cam, it would be a miracle if one of them actually aim down the sight.


Hell even if i'm faster with my AR it requires me to ADS which takes about a second. in that second they can react and just spray me to death.

Every game has its "Go-to gun/weapon/skill" But to make it SO much better then the rest is just stupid imo.

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    I get what your saying, but if people like SMG's theres nothing that can change that. But the spray and pray, that I agree wtih you about. Make it less accurate without zooming in.

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    They are overused but only one is overpowered and it's the PDW.

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    I disagree, I use SMGs quite a lot (to the point where I have the diamond camo) and I can say that at long range to win a gun fight you will need to strafe, burst and ADS, without this you will lose every fight. If you have an AR at medium to long range and lose to an SMG you just got out played.


    At CQC SMGs are at a disadvantage to shotguns, to effectively kill a shotgun user with a SMG is to firstly not be seen (obvious really) and learn to either drop shot or flank them, if face to face with a shotgun the a SMG will lose more often than win.


    I think all is balanced well in the gun usage of this game, if you are using ARs or LMGs then take a back seat, patrol your spawn and stop the run and gun players out flanking your team. Learn to adapt to the maps, understand the spawns, understand your role. Once all this is learn't it doesn't matter what weapon you use.


    I have played around with ARs and they are good if used correctly, stay mid to long range and learn to aim, easily go positive k/d but it will be a lot slower paced compared to a run and gun 'slayer' style of play.



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      Ehm. i hardly disagree with this. When ever i have a smg i rarely get killed on long ranges by a AR. And for a shotgun. You need to get the first hit a direct OHK or you're probably dead.


      If we bump one and other in a hall way and you would miss with a shotgun you will be death.

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    "Its ridicilous hard to get a high kill streak without camping ur ass off when you are using anything besides a smg"

    no it's not

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      i call bs:) So you never have people spawn behind you? When ever they have a SMG i can't hide for cover. its insta-over. never had that person just spraying along meaning you die before you can even draw your weapon ?:) I've had plenty of swarms with my AR. but with SMG its ten times as easy as with any other gun.

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        I kind of agree...most people use the smg, and that's probably because it's good at almost everything. Fast ADS time, fast movement, good hipfire, decent range, high fire rate, good damage most of the time. Very little it's bad at, except long range. On a small map like Hijacked, the smg is brutal. 


        Personally, just because most people use the smg, I use most other guns other than the smg. I just like to be different.

        Usually it's the KSG, R-870 or the MK48 lmg that I use. Sometimes the Scar-H or FAL. But I know I can't really run and gun with these weapons, (maybe R-870) and I have to play differently. Each of these weapons have advantages over the smg, and it's up to the user to know how to use them effectively.

        It is harder though, I think, to use for example the KSG instead of a smg. In close quarters or even medium range, I'm always dead if I miss the first shot against an smg player. (Obviously at longer ranges also.)

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        I don't care what you "call bs" on. It's not difficult to get streaks with other weapons at all. You don't have to camp unless you're terrible. Except, maybe, I'll give you exceptions such as the KSG or M12. But overall, no.

        And you realize that someone spawning behind you has nothing to do with your weapon, right? No matter what they're using, they can kill you almost instantly. Please tell me that joke of an argument is actually just a joke.

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    because i diamond out my  AR's, ive been using smgs more to mess around, alot of the times im pretty suprised what i can do with the smg, i do believe the smg's dominate in this game, however i have had my best game plays with AR's and LMG's if your using them correctly.



    you do not run and gun with an AR or LMG. they are more of a defenisve weapon. you will own player from mid range with an AR, the only thing an AR has is its speed and fire rate, and burst firing can make

    these guns very accurate


    over all i am still better with AR's and LMG's, but if i do party up, i can destroy with the smg

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    i agree 100% to that. Everyone seems to use smg's and when you see Ar,sniper or lmg it only can be some kid trickshotting, or a camper with MK48 Target finder, Or fal with target finder and select fire. They really should nerf almost every smg by half and see what will happen. I dont think that someone will say that they need a buff because they will be good enough even then,

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    If I wasn't on the Diamond Camo trail and was picking my weapons to counter the enemy, the first thing I'd pick up to counter SMG rushing would be the good old R870. It'll OHK SMG rushers all day long, just how its supposed to.


    Sure, all the headless chicken SMG users will cry OP, but in all honesty as most of them will be using the PDW or MP7, they have no right to be spewing that nonsense


    The R870 is not OP, it does exactly what it should do: stop SMGs from being so effective and force them to change tactics or get beat down. Do what I would do fella, pick up that R870 , put on lightweight and dexterity, and give em a face full of buckshot. Its hugely satisfying

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      When u get killed 90 times in a row by smg, you cant do anything else than use it too. If you cant beat them, join them. But its so stupid that maps are made for "CQC". THey should add more large maps like wasteland or liberation.

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        Yes you can, you can use a shotgun, which will blow away anything stupid enough to get into CQC with it. Once they start hanging back more, change up to an AR/LMG. Even better, go Overkill and have both (and Fast Hands) they wont know what to do. Hang back, get pwnt by your AR/LMG, rush you and get a face full of buckshot


        Then they'll probably call you out for being 'n00bish' and using 'easy mode weapons'. A delicious irony, and one to savour.

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    OMG another OP SMG thread. I'll be honest, I just don't see the over use of SMGs. I see a pretty good mix of firearms being used. I don't understand why people keep complaining about it. They are not that OP.

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    It's the maps that dictate the weapons more than anything.

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    As mentioned, the maps REALLY cater a lot more to rushing styles (thus SMGs and shotguns) a lot more than previous games, it feels like, so yes, I can agree that SMGs are the most overUSED weapons in the game, but not overPOWERED.

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    If you dont use an smg and run and gun you will be sent abusive messages calling you a camper lol. Joking aside, BO2 maps are medium sized, alot smaller then previous titles and favour the smg, I dont think that the SMG is overplayed, the PDW was extremely overplayed upon release. It's nice to see more people using shotguns on this title.


    That being said, go on league play, 99% of people will be using the MSMC.

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    Actually, the LMG's seem to be the most popular guns right now. Just get up in your' "special spot" and two hit kill everyone in sight until someone with brains comes in, ducks your bouncing betty, and shoots you in the back of the head for your treachery against all that is good and decent.

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    I am using SMGs most of the time and most of the times when I die it seems to be by an LMG with a target finder or a shotgun

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      What games are you joining? i want f'in in!

      I have  seen "one" lmg this week. I've seen 3(?) shotguns today. Saw like 5-7 ARs today. and countless SMG+laser+spray.

      And i've played alot today.


      Some kind of hidden option i have enabled... maybe

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    Maybe the maps decide which gun is best for them, But whats the difference, STILL SMG's Beat ANY weapon class 100-0, THey are freakin good for long range, Then u can spray with them then they will be better than shotguns, NO REASON TO USE ANY OTHER GUNS. And everyone who will reply to this saying that   " i once got 17-5 with AR," Or "Ar are waaaaay more better than SMG's can just be quiet cause If you dont camp, it means you move, and anywhere you move in those terrible 1x1meter maps. You can die to a sprayer. Lol seriously Name me ar that beats any smg in "CQC"?

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    This game have so many issues is just disgusting, this is just one of them, the game give no opportunity to any other gun every single nerd using MSMC and PDW

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    he's 100% right. Smgs are overused because retards who design call of duty dont know what an Smg is. Smg stats should be


    Minor-Medium dmg
    High fire rate
    little below medium accuracy
    medium recoil

    and good portibility


    High everything


    i seriously get sniped by Pdws from people who have no attatchments on them so explain to me how that works period? Smgs only hold 9mm bullets ESPECIALLY the PDW its a 50 bullet mag there is no way in hell how a 50 bullet clip holds any bigger bullet then 9mm. the logic to all call of duties is.


    smgs are snipers in desquise