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Idea's for CoD 10?

So, now Black Ops 2 is coming out, taking place in 2025. What comes next? The terminator? The point is, Treyarch took the game a bit too far off into the future. But how is this for an idea: WW3. How about CoD 10 being about WW3? I mean, I know it probably won't happen IRL, but it might be a cool gaming experience. How to stop the nuclear war etc...etc. OR it could be about 2012. Surviving it, battles over who gets to escape it, etc...etc. I don't know, it's just that, if you take CoD further than Cod 9, (Black Ops 2), you're going to end up in the matrix. I know I'm thinking a bit far ahead, but it's just puzzling me how they're going to do it. Any other ideas?




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    personally i am sick of all this current/ future stuff. i liked the old school games. WWII with all the history and old guns. BO was even cool. I would like to see them go back in time again. Even further back if i had my choice, at least WWI.


    I think that you could go even older if it was done right, go back to the civil war, and transition into the spanish/american war and the old west, i think if it was handled correctly could be one awesome game. but i havnt found to many people who agree with me on this

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    I think it would be really cool to see the cod team make a post apocalyptic game( like fallout kinda) but with a less devastating impact on the world. Like only a bit of bombing or something. But like u start out fighting in world war 3 where u are a civilian and you have been given a gun and the ability to kill enemies. It takes place in America and the attackers would be the British, the middle Eastern areas and china along with Russia, while the allies would be Japan and, maybe Canada or. Something. Anyway u play as a character trying to survive in the apocalyptic world while fighting and stuff. :/ I don't I personally think that'd be a pretty good idea if the cod team worked on it.