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Names For New Weapons

When the Peacekeeper came out when the Revolution DLC did, it gave me an idea. What if the Peacekeeper wasn't the only new unique gun to be inserted into the already amazing gameplay of Black Ops 2? What if there were more guns to be added to the experience? wouldn't that be nice? So i decided to come up with Ideas for new gun names, i'll leave the dashingly good looks of the gun to the pros. So since the Peacekeeper is the new Sub Machine Gun, i figured there should be a Sister like gun originating from the Peacekeeper, being a Light Machine Gun (LMG) and name it "The Persuader". I thought it was a pretty cool name, but what would the extra unique name be if it were to be Pack-o-Punched during a Zombie Match? Now that's an idea that runs deeper into the stream. Anyways, i'll see what else i can come up with, but im sure that the Crew working on Black ops 2 has ideas of their own. Again i'll come up with what i can, and any one is welcome to post ideas on this page. Let me know what you guys think?


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    The PEACEKEEPER is not a made up name to go with a made up gun, its a real gun it's a prototype. It's a German gun that is in development but not curently made yet. You can't just name guns whatever you want try to find guns that are in development or concepts of them and then ask to have them included in another DLC release. COD don't develope there own guns, they use concepts of real weapons or use concepts of prototype weapons. They don't create there own gun and then name it, in BO2 some of the weapons they might of tweaked a bit because it is the year 2025.

    I agree with you on the fact that they need to add in more gun, I never understood why they were limited to the amout of weapons they can have, it always seams the same, 4 shot guns, 4 LMGs, 4 Sniper rifles and like 6 Assault rifles and SMGs. They need to have it like Battlefield a whole lot of Assault rifles,SMGs, LMGs,...ect. I don't know about you but I would like some guns they have had in previous CODs, AUG, Galil, FAMAS, F2000, M16, RPK. If they don't do this then just create a gun pack not associated with the maps its own DLC, not this one gun stuff bring in like 3 every pack like most of the other games, because I am going to be mad if this gun is the only one they give us because to me its a teaser for whats to come (more guns).       

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      I would Love to use the F2000 for sure, that's my gun on BF3! haha but legit yeah i get you, i'd be real nice to have more weapons for this game, more challanges to complete and more EXP. The Galil would be nice to. When i played the Campaign, i was excited that there would be old and new guns for the Multiplayer Experience, but then it turned out that its only the 2025 featured guns that would be apart of the experience... So yes i'd be nice to have some additions to an already great game.

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      You can't be believed until you provide where you got your sources.
      As in, you know, a link. A real link, not something that leads to a virus.

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    These are the few ideas for weapons i have comeup with.

    - Poison gas grenades

    - Jihad bomb

    - Advancments to launchers: Making them more accurate and better in all ways. Including sights.

    - Exo suit(Jugger Naut): A new scorestreak, and the highest. i think you can imagine what it does.

    - Grenade launchers for pistols.