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Please! please please please fix the lag!


Stop focing on what gun does this and what gun does that and fix the LAG. please!  This game has the potential to be awesome, but the LAG is so bad.  Stop looking at the guns and nerfing the ones You think people use too much and buffing the ones You think people should use more and fix the main reasone people use certian guns.. the lag. the lag, the lag, the lag. Stop putting effort into League play and fix the lag. Because league play sucks the most because of lag. So few people play it the the connections are horrible! The only thing in this game that is "OP" is lag comp. So forget about every weapon that people say is " OP" and fix the lag. You will see a huge drop in "this gun is OP" posts if the LAG was working well.  Pleae fix it.. Please.. Thank you.