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CoD went down hill?


Does anyone think this game has went down hill? Well, I think the CoD series has went down hill a lot over the years. Quality has became something of the past and it now seems, well defiantly from Trayarcs perspective that CoD has become something of more "we want money, but we won't fix our games".


Now before any of you reply to what I said above.


Previous CoDs i.e WAW and MW2 did have a large amount of hackers. However, these hackers until the release of the new game were minimal. For example MW2 biggest problem throughout the year was 10th prestige hackers. Which, didn't modify stats. Basically it gave you an emblem against your name and that was it. So it was harmless now come the November that Black Ops was out, it did become a problem in which people started going invisible and nukes were dropping at the start of games. However at least for the year it was a general good run with much effort put in on infinity wards behalf.


Same with WAW it was hack free from most of the year it was out and then even afterwards for a long period of time and now its become a hackers paradise but like I said for a longtime it wasn't


If we move away from the hacker aspect. The Quality has went down hill, I mean look at the maps. they suck, the spawns are bad, Quickscoping is bigger than ever. Traditional sniping is dead, stealth is out the window and any form of tactics or skill has died. You can kill a gun, run around a corner and the same guy you killed is waiting for you as he just spawned. + spawn killing is terrible in this game.


Lag, well this was a major issue in MW3 but at least by this time, they had a good control on lag. It was better than it was and by July/August it was pretty good, the problem wasn't resolved and it won't be due to peer to peer connection. but it was solved to an extent.


Lastly, it seems less effort is put into making CoD games. I've always believed 3arch have been the better CoD makers, I mean look at WAW it was amazing...but this...well it sucks.


I really only play for the zombies now...


Anyway comment below your thoughts.

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    its been my experience that games will normally get hacked just as the new game comes out so that the legitimate players will buy the new one to get away from it. (Clever sales strategy if you ask me). Read my post, I make some of the same points.

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    Lolol are you forgetting the Javelin glitch in MW2? That was the first major patch I've seen to any CoD game. Let's not forget the model akimbo's incredible range before the nerfed it. No game's perfect.

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    Every new title is worse then the last one.  Even game review companies are starting to say Activision, IW, and 3ARC have lost sight of the game and each new title is simply a massive map pack with nothing new to add.

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    Sadly I agree, The COD series is just a cash cow these days, COD2-COD4 was the golden days imo. People will moan, but they will still buy the new title every year meaning that the developers are not that bothered, they will continue to break sale records with every new title. I do believe though that BO2 is the most inventive out of recent titles.

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      Yeah well, that is really only down to the pick 10 system and scorestreaks.


      The emblem maker has been improved but that isn't anything major.


      To me, a game will suck if it has small and badly designed maps like this CoD.

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        I don't Quickscope as much any more but there has to be QS in a COD because the maps are so small traditional sniping is irrelevant. You cant snipe somebody right next to you by hard scoping. Think before you speak.

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    Quick Scoping is something many dislike, it generally takes form by using a mixture of timing and auto aim that the game has built in.


    Anyway this isn't a quick scoping debate. I'm merely pointing out that things like quickscoping is very dominant in this game due to the small map size and to the fact that the game was poorly produced compared to games like CoD4, WAW, MW2 etc....


    Also if you checked out my other threads created then you will see that I actually make the same point you made about quickscoping being related to the small map size so I do agree with you there. I just didn't want this thread to be turned into a "is quickscoping good, bad or justifiable" kinda thread.