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LMGs need a slight nerf


     Most weapons in this game are balanced in my opinion, except for the LMGs. They kill very, very quick; and allow for users to just aim and pull the trigger and sit there until they get their kill. 2/100 bullets will kill a player and honestly i dont really have a problem with this except for the fact that they have little to no recoil what so ever. Each LMG (again in my opinion) should have greatly increased recoil while moving/standing, slightly less for crouched and so on. I seel people kill me from across the map on Turbine with just a slight squeeze of this gun because the first four bullets literally have like no recoil to them. Honestly it makes no sense for a gun of this weight and power to have less recoil than various assault rifles. Maybe only slightly increase the recoil and decrease the damage for long range by 1-2. I know LMGs are slow to run with but obviously just switch to a pistol and you magically run like you have nothing on you. The reload speed is actually a great con to the LMGs but whats the sense when you never have to reload unless you're inaccurate (which 90% of the time i see them with target finders so inaccuracy is low.) Just my opinion. I really feel they need more recoil though. Pistols have more recoil than LMGs. Sorry for any grammar and spelling errors im just trying to get my opinion out there and would love your guys' opinions!

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    I've just started using the LMG class, and I can see your point in a way. The M48 has ridiculous range...basically a 3 shot kill almost anywhere on any map, and with the zoom scope it's great at 'sniping' targets at long range. And with FMJ it's a beast at punching through walls etc.

    But it definitely does have recoil, not the worst in the world, but the more I use the gun the more I'm noticing it.

    I had to lol  at your comment about switching to a pistol and magically running faster...VERY true, and that's something I do a lot. But then also the same applies for snipers. Where do their guns go when they switch to pistols? Why must LMG players run more slowly if snipers don't?


    The LMG can be a bit frustrating to use sometimes too. It takes ages to reload (died many times trying to reload) movement is slow compared to other guns, and it's useless up close. Im speaking about the M48, which is the only gun I've used so far in the LMG class. ADS time is also slow.


    If you like to run and gun, you will hate this weapon, but it's great if you're a more cautious player or like to camp.


    Maybe if everyone starts to dominate with the LMG's, they will nerf it a bit. But it's not a very popular class, so I'm not sure they will.

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    I disagree totally


    Lmgs, are hindered in every way to every gun besides its power.. if you add recoil to the gun, than there is no point to using it


    you say its 2 shots, but i assure you its more like 4-6 depending on range and lag/hit detection


    you cannot run and gun with an lmg, hip fire is terrible second worse to snipers, the ads even after patch is terrible.. reload takes 90 years. and being that these maps are small, you have a great chance of being caught off guard..


    So no they do not need a nerf.. they are fine as is

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    I can tell that you have only been killed by LMGs and not actually used them.  Try them out for yourself before asking for a nerf.  If you do you will find the majority of your arguement to be quite flawed.


    PS:  Pistols have way less recoil than LMGs even though the LMG recoil feels pretty good. However, you will go through a lot more bullets to get that same kill.  I've used both.

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    are you on ps3 or xbox?

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    I don't think they need a nerf. They are good for standing in one spot and holding it down. Which is the whole point behind the gun. If you're not stupid and keep running into the sights of sombody using a LMG they are super easy to combat.


    If anything needs a nerf it's the EMP nades, I used them alot at the start now seems everyone has figured out how good they are. Gaurdian and Sentry guns are useless scorestreaks now.

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    what is your gamer tag if I might ask

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    It's the same as my forum name.  phxs72.  I know unoriginal but I like keeping it simple.

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    i message someone last night in game, that had a gamertag that looked like yours, but i cant remember if it was or not

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