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Put on probation, its a percentage thing and deserved if...

My theory is correct, I reset my stats a couple of hours back and have been running the 1st preset class with scorpion, got a little bit handy with the C-4 the class has and have been kicked from 4 of my 9 games since I reset my stats for teamkilling then get put on probation, 5 mins, the first time in 14 days playtime this has happened which leads me to believe probation is for people who quit around 30% of last 10 games played.


Up until now I have quit loads of games, like maybe one in every 20 of my 3000 or so played and nothing happened, anyone complaining about getting probation MUST be serial quitters if what I think causes it is true, if it is then all you probation moaners deserve it.