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PC Turns Off (shuts down) During Gameplay

My PC shuts down about 10 minutes into the game.  Can''t see any warning before it does.  My system is WIN7-64, i7 CPU and AMD Radeon HD4600.

Has anyone else seen this problem?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    This has happened to me with my AMD PC. I updated the bios and it fixed the problem. Does this problem happen on other games?

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      Yes, it happens with MOH: Airborne.  I'll try your idea and many thanx for the suggestion.

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        sounds to me like over heating issue, and not the games, check your fans are not blocked

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          Hi Hootymadman,


          I checked my hardware and found that the fans are not blocked.  My PS is 460W, which seems pretty good.  However, I don't know if some games draw more current than others due to the high def graphics.  What are your thoughts on that?  I'm no expert on game software.

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            I had an issue like yours, any game would shut my PC down, after about half an hour of play  it turned out to be blocked fins below fan on my processor and the seating compound was not doing its job, so I stripped down and cleand every thing and re-pasted and all was well, I would also check your graphics card has nothing restricting air  flow, and you are using two rails from your PSU to power it, however if it's not an hardware issue then check to see if you have the latest BIOS installed for your system, and as BehindYou_Tom said look at your event viewer, to see if that shows any faults recorded, you could simply have a faulting PSU that cannot deliver the correct current to power every thing when playing high end games.

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    Every time a PC shut down (for whatever reasons) there will be a error log created automatically by Windows, so you might check the eventvwr.exe (belongs to Windows!).


    This nice Windows tool should give you many hints/clues about every shut down of your PC...