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  • 50. Re: So what's after Black ops2?

    For multiplayer:


    -10th anniversary should have all the maps/weapons from the series in 1 game

    -map editor, let the community make their own maps

  • 51. Re: So what's after Black ops2?

    maybe if they got rid of all the ******* hackers from cod 4 i would play cod still

  • 52. Re: So what's after Black ops2?

    Her are my suggestions on the next one wold at war 2, MW4, or a total new series

  • 53. Re: So what's after Black ops2?

    Activision should create:


    Call of duty: Rock, Paper, Scissors.


    Its apparent that the majority of players do not like to get shot at so let them battle as five year olds would.

  • 54. Re: So what's after Black ops2?

    Ifinity Ward got fired from the Call of Duty franchise. When activision found out that IfinityWard was chatting with EA they sued them and fired them sending them right into the arms of the competitor and making one of the biggest mistakes ever!!!! InfinityWard's series is much better than TreyArch's. Muc

    more profits and customer satisfaction. The next call of duty is going to be SledgeHammer Game's and  what games are still played by millions today. MW1 and MW2 so good job Activision you must think before you go and fire one of video games biggest succesors.

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    it was their only

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    I know movie games are always hopeless (I some cases) but what about a cod remake of behind enemy lines. I love the movie and I always thought it would be great in a game, especially as a cod game.

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    Hopefully they will make a Black ops 3 or what they didnt make a long time ago w@w 2. Maybe even a different series other than modern warfare or black ops. personally i think they should find a way to make a gaming system where there are NO hacks and where there is NOT TARGET ASISST because it is really pissing me off when people fricking use that onling cuz i cant get any kills so call of duty that is one thing you need to fix. I also want you to make a world war 1 series 'cause you only made a world war 2 series. Oh and 1 more thing, for us call of duty membersthat have elite can you give us inside info on some new zombies maps or release everything earlier and with seasons pass holders that have call of duty elite or are members of call of duty let us get the maps earlier cause it is really annoying haveing to wait on PS3. Thanks

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    Hey ya'll what do ya'll think about this?What if Treyarch,creates the graphics,BF3 creators make the explosions,and the company that makes assassins creed makes it to where you can climb like an assassin and all that stuff mixed into ONE game???? Personally I think that,that would be the best game ever created!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think if it were worked at long enough treyarch (not infinity ward) could make a western style COD. There's no shortage if weaponry for multiplayer, look at red dead redemption, there were 6 rifles, 5 sniper rifles, over 10 pistols, 6 shotguns, multiple types of hand held explosives and numerous other misc weaponry. As far as score streaks, the options at first seem small but if they got creative, Gatling guns, cannon fire, cavalry, hell they could bring in a tribe of Indians that are dn good shots with bows.

    Who knows, just sporting ideas here, but I'm not at all convinced COD is done because there are numerous options.

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