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    TinyLittleTimmy wrote:


    actually it may not be such a quick fix, if the offline code is also faulty (as mentioned with predictive camera sway, follow my previous posted link, read at the end of my lengthy geeky "fix lag" tutorial)

    then the whole fast-paced logistics on which this game was built may change both on-line and off. [As a programmer now working in database networking (with some experience in 3D design 10 year ago) this 'little' change probably means a major migrane of changes to their most critcal

    game coding.]

    Don't worry, db networking is far removed from ingame FPS networking. The only setback is breaking killcams/theater if they completely scrap the ingame netcode (which they should). They're looking at 10mins to fix them.



    adeadfox wrote:



    No offense, but doing all those "network optimizations" is a huge waste of time and has no significant benefit. The problem(s) are on Treyarch's end. "Fixing" the lag is simple, play with people that have low latency to you, it's been this way for every single FPS game ever.


    What can we as players do to help this? Not much! Aside from making sure your NAT is open and not screwing around with bandwidth/latency limiters...

    Agreed. Some of that is useful, but only if the problem is on your end. In any case, even if you have 0ms ping, unless you are the host you will have at least 150ms delay. Unplayable in the best of circumstances.


    Unless there's an exploit (see: MW3 and laggy connections), there is absolutely nothing we can do to improve our ingame experience of BO2.

    adeadfox wrote:


    The problems with "lag comp" seem to crop up when latencies start getting above 75ms - 100ms. I don't remember previous games having these types of issues, but I would argue with the ammount of players playing BO2 I should never even get matched with people with latencies >75ms. (Assuming I'm in a playlist with any significant ammount of players.)

    Actual delays reach 200-300ms at that ping, easily perceived. 2bar games are about 170ms~270ms, so you can expect a bad experience.

    Some of the matchmaking issues are presumably related to their reliance on location-based matchmaking. MW2 had it right here; search for games below 50ms ping, then slowly increase until you find a game. For I can have a ping of 200ms to my own apartment simply because that network is on a different ISP.



    TinyLittleTimmy wrote:


    no offense taken, the testing/changes I did are ridiculously extensive, and you would think a game with my bud down the street who has the same isp, speed, open ports, etc whom I can ping 0.01 ms would have zero lag, unfortanely this is not so, either him or me will be given 3 yellow bars every private game. This indicates something is amiss. Yet if we play in a public lobby or invite others to join we both get 4 green bars, yet still another lag coding mystery...

    Well, it's something that does not happen to me. Custom games have the same #bars, and those bars come into effect at the same #ms, as a regular matchmade game.


    @0.01 ms

    A very precise exaggeration =D


    I assume you've already checked for hardware issues. Perhaps try other games such as COD4/5/6. If the problem appears there as well, it is hardware; you just haven't found it yet.

  • 221. Re: LagComp Video Discussion: BlackOps2 Edition


    @0.01 ms

    A very precise exaggeration =D



    no joke, even with totally screwed up settings it's always way less than 0.2ms, literally we are on opposite sides of our ISP provider which we can both see from our house, so basically it's like a local game, I setup both networks so everything is the same, wide open! Black Ops 1 gives us full bars, but MW3 and BO2 make 1 of us yellow (strange, but doesn't matter, it still feels lag free)


    and there is something you can do to, if you add delay to just your upload but not your download it sure helps offset extremely lag comp'd players.


    I'm going to open a new account tonight and test various mobile phone company up/down speeds with their delays just to see to what extremes lag comp will go to give me an advantage at all the different crazy bandwidths. (if I find a definative God mode for my connection I will list it)

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    There's NO WAY you're getting <.2ms latency to your friend, I don't care if he's right down the street with the same ISP. I'd be hard pressed to believe you could get <.2ms to someone on the same LAN segment, let alone someone in a different building. .2ms is in localhost latency land.

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    Even theoretical, superluminal networks are not capable of that speed due to current hardware limitations. You would need to replace all of your hardware, your friend's hardware, and the ISP's node for your area with your own (unpublished) designs. And if you're capable of such a task, I seriously doubt you would be wasting your time with silly software optimizations. You would instead be crying in a pit of despair, because no matter how much faster than light your transmissions are, BO2 will still be more laggy than a game from 15 years ago.


    I suggest evaluating your method used to determine ping. It is not the standard Windows ping, as that does not even provide values less than 1ms, and most linux pings only provide data to one decimal point. If you are achieving values of 0.2~0.01ms, then there is no question your software - or the use of that software - is wrong.

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    Here was me thinking he just meant 1 or 2 ms


    Timmy, how after 3 months have you still got the drive to put so much effort into diagnosing optimum connection settings?


    The game's shelved for me until the next dlc or next title. The matchmaking/hosting and their netcode together is so inconsistent creating the chance you could find a sweet spot consistently very slim so why even bother? They had the chance to use best to their advantage but they didn't use it, it's on them, not us to troubleshoot it and fix it.

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    ok, the best "God Mode" like settings was my setup as-is router firewall on PC in the middle, windows firewall on too getting 13.95 down 2.11 up 47ms with nat type moderate, search mode ANY, average was 6.55K/D, online players was about 350k on Friday night.


    Below are more results, all used my setup, delays were added to upload only, the K/D is an average of the best 2 out of 3 games, on a new account, no friends, search mode ANY, new lobby after every game, lag added after my player can move, I tested Friday/Saturday, (but on Sunday night with around 500k players, in-game lag quickly became unbearable, so I played Halo 4 instead and the lag disappeared LOL)


    satellite: 1280k/128k 47ms+70ms delay = 1.41K/D

    2.75g: 256k/64k 47ms+60ms delay = 2.21K/D

    dial-up: 96k/64k 47ms+50ms delay = 1.81K/D

    3g: 1024k/256k 47ms+40ms delay = 2.81K/D

    3.5g: 1280k/384k 47ms+30ms delay = 3.16K/D

    4g: 2048k/512k 47ms+20ms delay = 2.15K/D

    dsl: 1280k/384k 47ms+10ms delay = 3.07K/D

    cable: 2048k/1024k 47ms+10ms delay = 2.18K/D


    I then used this info to determine that 1280/384 was the best speed for a high K/D and tried to determine the ideal delay; however, I found that the amount of delay needed changes according to who is in the lobby with you. Typically you want to have less bars than anyone on the enemy team that plays well, so I started at 10ms then raised delay if I died to get slightly less bars as needed to counter the enemies' lag, too much of a difference adds too much delay, lag comp assistence appears to stop once the gap becomes too large and players will then be able to kill you before your bullets ever get hit markers. Lag typically added was between 30ms & 80ms to get lots of hit markers and the highest K/D, at 110ms I would typically get 1 red bar but at this point bullets would rarely get hitmarkers before I died. I'd suggest everyone do their own testing to determine where the sweetspot is for you, since I'm assuming it will be different for everyone. (even with these terrible settings I still pulled host some games, when this happens you will have full green bars no matter what, increasing delay will drop everyone else's bars, if too many players are red barred the it will migrate, but trust me, you want host, you'll dominate as the only player lag free!)

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    I'm planning on opening a "game room / net cafe" $1/hr in Mexico to retire. My customers (kids) won't want to play if they just get killed all the time, so these settings are important to me, I also have 8 rooms for rent, all fully furnished with internet, 3D TV, and game console, some renters have kids and they are constantly asking me to "fix the lag - why is it so slow" so basically this research saves me a lot of money and time both now and later. (plus I can't help wondering if I might actually enjoy these games, I have hundreds of games, if I could prevent all this insta-kill nonsense) plus it's fun watching a squeaker slaughter some high school / college dude then fight over the mic about it cursing, loads of laughs, it's priceless!

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    yeah, we use 3rd party software, pings less than 0ms are probably unreliable, but all our pings less than a mile away have to be tested that way, I just ran a Dos/win7 32bit ping test, for 2blocks away, it says "time<1ms" TTL=126 min=0ms max=0ms avg=0ms, completely useless to me since you cannot optimize zero.

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    what equipment/router do you use to create the delay in ping ?

  • 229. Re: LagComp Video Discussion: BlackOps2 Edition

    You can use the TC and NETEM commands in a DD-WRT router or a linux gateway to introduce stable latency (or loss and jitter if you wish).  Additionally, you can use the TC command to reorder or schedule packets to help be sure that your gaming traffic gets priority.


    More Info here:





    This probably will not produce the results you are looking for, but is interesting for testing.




    If you have a DD-WRT router you can also change your buffers from the default 1000 to as low as 2 using the ifconfig command.  This is more for the "buffer bloat" crowd, and again probably will not net you the results you seek because you cannot control the buffers of your modem and the points after.  But you can reduce any buffer problems originating from your network.


    You can stabilize your ping and reduce jitter by setting up QOS with 85% of your rated speeds and reducing the buffers to a reasonable amount (like 150).  This may help if you have legitimate problems due to a lot of devices or streaming in your household and will help defeat any "boost" technology from your ISP.



    You could also go with a more complicated approach like the one TinyLittleTimmy posted here:  http://idie-clan.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=bo2lagcomp&action=display&thread= 64 .  I also tried methods similar to this, but the results over time were no different than just quitting and joining lobbies.


    Ultimately, I believe the ability to fix any issues with the game is out of our hands.  This is compounded by the fact that there are apparently people who cannot even see the issue.

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