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    What are your speeds and ping?

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    ping is around 18md

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    I have about the same as you maybe a bit higher (45d,3u) and don't get why there are so many lag issues. I have been messing with a couple things and have noticed some positve changes though and its has to do with the MTU and primary/secondary DNS.

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    All I get from the so called support team now is "contact your ISP". Wow.... I think it's fair to say that with the amount of people having this problem has nothing to do with their damn ISP.

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    I got 60down 3up, mtu already optimized since mw3 and chose my dns servers with a prog(namebench) which was posted with the elagaphant thread(Maccabi) somewhere on these forums.

    Checked this dns servers today and they are still the fastest in my area.

    Forwarded all blackops2 ports.

    So I think the update really screwed something up, but I find it still strange the game played super at 1.07 release day, since yesterday it's all messed up, lag and stuttering(frameskipping) all the way.

    Choosing normal instead of best search preference doesn't make a difference in game performance on my end.

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    Your connections are fine its treyarch that needs to adjust there settings..... All my cod titles play fine good hit detection.....,, but blackflops2 is a big fat joke.    Lag compensation needs to be used in games but this is not set right. SORT IT PLEASE.

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    Glad to see other people are having such a hard time since the patch. I thought I was just slipping, lol. I have had my worst games since launch day after the release of this patch. I don't know what these guys did, but they broke something. I am struggling to go positive, everyone is way ahead of me. It's like I'm 2 seconds behind.


    Fix this please!

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    Past few lobbies I have been in have all been the same, me shooting people and them turning around and killing me - there is hardly no point in flanking might as well run to the middle of the map as it yeilds the same result - insta death from someone you never even saw on your screen.

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    What do you have your MTU at? Haven't read much on it and was just messing around a bit with it

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    wAzAntar wrote:


    before the patch i used to have 3 bars conntection after the patch 1.07 i only have 1 red bar connection ! please solve this problem !

    This ^ I can manage to fix it for a bit but that damn 1 bar keeps showing itself. Never ever had this issues pre-patch. I can go on any other CoD and not get one bars.

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