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Bought DLC, no games found



Yesterday I bought the Collection 3 DLC for PC because I want more Face off-maps, my two friends did the same thing. We also have the Collection 1 DLC. Ever since we bought the Collection 3 DLC we can't find any Face Off-games, yesterday we searched for 15 min, today we have been searching for 30 min, searching for a Team Deathmatch or domination works, but it takes 5 or 10 minutes before we find a party. I have no problems with my internet provider, my NAT-type is Open, and if I disable the DLC as a party leader we find games instantly.


This question has been asked several times on these forums but always dodged or abandoned by its admins. Since we bought this DLC just because of the Face off maps, we are contacting paypal for a refund unless you can help us out with this problem.


Are there any more players out there with the same problem?


Any help would be greatly appreciated by me and my friends.




Sincerely yours



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    Seems there's a bunch of us with the same problem on Xbox Live. I'm not sure any of us have gotten any answers, but I'm hoping they're at least working on it (and I hope it's not just because very few people bought the DLC packs haha).




    The issue started for me after buying DLC 4 (only had DLC1 previously). The only way I can find matches now is to disable DLC.


    And the process of getting a refund from Microsoft is even more frustrating than this DLC issue.


    Too bad...I only recently bought this game. I'd love to keep adding new DLC, but there's NO WAY I'm paying for another one now.

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    Steam PC:


    This needs to be answered very fast... my friend bought DLC 1 and i got DLC 1 and 4. After me and my friend bought these we struggle to find any games.



    if anyone knows anything, tell us asap please!
    activision does not seem to care at all for their players unless we got something to say about their newest games, this is just ******* silly!

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    I have the same problem now....had map pack1 , gave up on BOPS2, and went back to MW3, purchasing map pack 4.


    Contacted MS and they said to conact Activision as they have a known fix for this.


    Contacted Activision 3 days ago and they said they had to raise the ticket to a higher tech team and still no response.


    I then read on a forum that to play map pack 4, all other maps need to be donwloaded! Where was this warning and why did they even let me download map pack 4 without 2 and 3???


    I better get my 1200 MS points back or you can bet your ass I will be contacting support for the next 12 months every day and wasting their time.

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    i have this problem on ps3.

    i bought collection #1, #2 & #4 since i only wanted to own all multiplayer maps and didnt care about spec ops or face off maps.


    as soon as collection #3 was released i didnt find many matches to play anymore.

    when i find one (after 5 mins) it's laggy as hell! when i quit to find another lobby i'll end up in the same lobby all over again! i assume that mw3 is such a **cked up game, that you ACTUALLY have to own ALL of the dlcs to get the matchmaking working again?


    i want to play this game, since black ops 2 is unplayable at the moment (for me), but i want to play on maps i BOUGHT with my hard earned money -.- FIX THIS! people still (want) to play this!