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Recruiting members for a clan.

Hi there, so apparenlty Premuim becomes free on the 1st, which I hope is true and as easy as it seems, I really enjoy the idea of a clan title and emblem, I'm looking for at least 4 people to join my clan (or make a new on, whichever is easist..) so we can play together on M


You don't have to have an amazing 6374.293 KDR.
You don't have to be insane at trickshotting.
You don't have to be amazing at the game.
You don't have to take the game way too serious.
I'm just looking for people who speak fluent English (sorry if that offends anyone, I don't mean to be harsh)
People who are genuinly nice, who get along with the clan members and can have a laugh.

And people who play quite often


Obviously I don't want people who have no iea what they're doing, you have to at least to be able to hold a killstreak
But you catch my drift, Genuine nice people who can have a laugh, reply to this or message me on my PSN: Demonic_Burley


Cheers <3