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    Use whatever guns, perks and attatchments you're comforatble with. If anyone gives you **** about it tell them to **** off. You're a newb. That's what those things were designed for. Good luck. Lots of good advice given. Threads like this give me hope for this forum and I've been here since Waw.


    My only advice and it's not very good, is don't play TDM or FFA. Play different gametypes and play the objective. Completing challenges for game modes, guns, perks, attatchments, etc will earn you more xp and help you rank up faster and unlock better options to use.

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    It's hella cool to hear so many wives are down! My wife is totally cool with me playing! My brother has to sneak matches in lol!

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    Try the suggestions above.


    My lady gets to a point then tells me I should stop cause I'm starting to stress her out and she's getting upset. Keeping your cool is one of the most valuable tools to use in this game IMO. When I'm laughing and having fun in a party even if they are on a different game I find myself doing better and if I lose or do bad it doesn't bother me as much as long as I'm having a good time which is the point right haha

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    If you're confident you are getting the first shots on target try switching to HC, it's a much fairer fight. I think it also increases your tactical awareness and helps you learn to strategise playing without the HUD.


    Age means nothing with gaming, my clan ranges from 17 to mid 40's, I'm 29.

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    My TV is tired of my wife yelling at me. What's your secret ? LOL

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    For weapons and perks, if you're struggling with run and gun, then slow down and use an LMG. Try to stay vigilant, think about where spawn points might be, use the mini-map and try to keep people at distance - you will mow them down in a hail of bullets! Flak jacket is a good perk if you're trying to play objectives and use smoke grenades. Other than that pick and choose.


    For gametype then I prefer core domo as (like other people say) the spawns are slightly more predictable and tactics can be employed. If you take B flag, you know people are going to try to take it back, so that can lead to a few kills etc.


    In terms of noise, I play away from the wife in a spare room. I use headphones so my daughter doesn't hear the game and mostly I don't play in a party - if you're in a party and talking to other people then it's far more difficult to keep your 'oh what the f*ck was that bullsh*t', 'come on you stupid f*cking game, why spawn me next to the kid who just shot me' and 'oh for f*ck sake I shot him like 12 times and he turned round and took my f*cking head straight off' type comments to yourself...


    All the best!

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    Play Gungame.

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    Randell6 wrote:


    I have only been playing since Early January or so and its the first time I have really put myself into a first person shooter with any seriousness. Bottom line I suck.


    I have tried weapons, combos etc and the only thing I am worth a damn at is the shotgun. Any tips on how to improve aiming? I swear I am shooting guys but they hit me with 1-5 shots and down I go.


    I am not trying to become great at this, but seriously I'd like to be somewhat good at it.


    So help a 44 year old dad / Grandpa out would you? :-)

    The best advice I can give you would be,


    1, SLOW your game down and don't try to sprint your way to the next 1v1 for the entire match.


    2, Try to get the drop on opponents by acting like a real soldier i.e. Camp, and be tactical when moving around the maps.


    3, play against bots in Combat Training to specifically work on your aim.


    4, Play TDM, where there is no objective other than to get more kills than deaths. This will stop the gung ho tunnel vision approach a lot.


    4, NO POINT in getting angry, because that will have a negative affect on your performance. Try your very best to remain calm. All your best games will be the ones you are calm in.

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    Jimi Riddle

    Excellent thread!


    Lots of good advice here.


    This wins the most constructive thread of the week award, for me.


    Time for an "Old Farts" clan for BLOPS2?

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    Bill Doors

    As another old fart whos not overly good all I would say is slow down and dont rush to much, the faster you go the quicker your reactions need to be I find if I walk and dont run I get lots more kills as I have more time to aim.

    One thing on this game that does work well for me (eye sight is not great) is the target finder, it does show up enemys a little sooner than I would otherwise spot them .

    If you want another old fart to play with or against I'm around a lot although at different times, (work shifts) to much my Mrs would say.


    Paranoid Fox   (gamer tag as is)


    PS and yes I to shout at the tv